Friday, 15 February 2013

How to incorporate 10,000 steps into your day

Health organisations around the world recommend healthy adults aim to walk around 10,000 steps per day to remain in good health. Children and adolescents should be taking between 12,000, to 14,000 and seniors just a little under 10,000. The days may be busy and full but due to a reliance on convenience and technology, many people are walking under 3,000 steps per day without realising they are relatively inactive.

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Follow these simple tips before beginning a new walking programme.

1. Invest in a good quality pedometer. A sturdy, accurate pedometer is a must. Cheaper versions may break quickly, measure steps inaccurately and be easily lost due to breakage.

2. Wear a pedometer all day. Remember, every step counts.

3. For the first week, record steps without making any changes to the day. This will give an accurate idea of how many steps are taken on an average day. Increase steps gradually each week. Be realistic in weekly goals, setting a step count which is a little too adventurous, can become disheartening if the goal is not reached.

Incorporating 10,000 steps into a busy day may sound overwhelming at first but it's surprising how easy it becomes when a few simple changes are made.

1. The easiest way to reach a step goal is to incorporate a 30-60 minute walk into each day. Another idea is go to bed 30 minutes earlier and take a 30 minute walk the following morning. A walk around the block or the shops during lunch hour will not only increase the amount of steps but clear your head and bring you back more focused on the job in hand.

2. When using public transport, get off a stop earlier than normal.

3. Park the car further away from the shops/office rather than closer. Time can be spent reaching the front door faster rather than wasting time driving round and round, trying to find a closer car park.

4. Mow the lawns. This will save money and top up valuable Vitamin D, from being out in the sunshine.

5. Walk the kids to school. A good way to share quality time with youngsters.

6. Use the stairs rather than the elevator.

7. Find a friend to walk with. It's much harder to find excuses not to walk when a commitment has been made to another person.

These easy tips will help to achieve the goal of walking 10,000 steps a day.

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