Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I write hard for the money

Hi all,

All is well with us. The weather is getting colder in little ole New Zealand, but we're still managing to get out to do some walking. I told my Doctor that I wasn't walking as much because of the rain, he informed me of a way of getting around this...wear a raincoat. Bugga!

I haven't been doing much blogging recently because I've been writing articles for the Helium website. I'm enjoying my role as Channel Manager, I'd enjoy it even more if I got paid for it, hehe! Part of my role is to write articles to my channel - Healthy Living and Wellness. I've posted over 300 articles/poems to the site and I'm starting to reap the benefits with a little content earnings. I say little and I do mean little, but it's increased quite nicely over the last year. I've also noticed that the articles I write now tend to place at the top of the heap rather than in the middle and if I write to a title which is offering a dollar value if purchased, in the majority of cases, it places at number one and is purchased.  I must be doing something right.

I'd like to write more often to increase my earnings and improve my writing skills.  I've given myself a goal of writing two articles every day that Whitesnake is at work and I've achieved this for the past couple of weeks. Go me!

This week I've written...

Become stress-free with seven easy tips

How to ruin your good night's rest in five ways

Five steps to improving your health

Stress relief tips to help enhance emotional wellness

Anyway, not much to report for today.

See you next time.

Love KB



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