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Recovering from low self-seteem

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Self-esteem is a term used to describe how an individual feels about and perceives themselves. A person isn't born with self-esteem; it is something which develops over time from childhood. Self-esteem, or the lack of it, is established by interactions with parents, family members, teachers and other influential people in a child’s life. If a child has low self-esteem, it is quite possible to take these feelings into adulthood and for the self-esteem to worsen.  Low self-esteem may lead to problems with alcohol, drugs, stress, relationships, anxiety and depression.

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Low self-esteem can stem from:

Having overcritical parents
Experiencing childhood abuse
Having overprotective parents
Parent neglect
Parent rejection
Childhood loss of a parent through death or divorce
Being raised by an addict

How to build self-esteem

Look good

Looking good on the outside makes people feel better on the inside. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune on new clothes. Taking little steps like wearing perfume for the day, wearing a different tie or scarf or getting a haircut will help.


Exercising has many health benefits; experiencing these health benefits and reaching exercise goals will improve self-esteem. This can be as easy as taking a thirty minute walk each day.

Set goals

Setting goals and achieving them can do wonders for confidence. Looking back on past goals which have been reached, is another excellent way to do this. If there is a big goal to attain, divide the task into smaller goals and complete in simple steps.

Self nurture

Many people suffering from low self-esteem spend too much time taking care of others instead of themselves. Take a walk, soak in a bath, cook a special meal, talk to a friend or listen to relaxing music. The possibilities are endless.

Find support

Everyone needs a support system to trust and confide in. Ideally this should comprise of at least two or three close friends in addition to family.  If this isn’t possible, there are many places to meet new friends such as clubs, social and support groups.

Avoid negative people

It’s impossible to avoid negative environments or people at all times, but it’s important to be surrounded by positive thoughts and people as often as possible. Being around positive people and places rubs off and can influence a negative mind set.

There are many more ways to build self esteem but recovering from lack of it takes practice, commitment and a good support system.

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