Saturday, 24 August 2019

Keeping up with KB

I can't believe I haven't blogged since May. Not for any particular reason I can think of really. So here's a post to catch you up with KB.

One stormy night, Whitesnake (hubby), cut his hand while trying to close a jammed window. He needed stitches at the time but it all healed up now. Scary stuff.

Photo source: KB

Recently we had family visiting from Australia, a lovely time was had by all. During their stay we visited a local restaurant for lunch. Whitesnake and I had heard great things about the restaurant from a friend. Unfortunately, Whitesnake had to send his meal back twice so we were extremely disappointed.

Whitesnake's brother and sister-in-law

After sending an email regarding our experience to the restaurant, we were happy to receive a phone call, an apology and a voucher for a free meal. Earlier this week we went back to the restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Photo sources: KB

That's all from me today.

Have a great weekend.

Love KB


Christine said...

Welcome back!

Glad the food was improved at the restaurant.

Whitesnake said...

So happy to be married to you xxxx

Lady Fi said...

Glad the second meal turned out well.

Julia said...

I hope Whitesnake's hand heals quickly. It looks like a bad cut.

It's a good thing to have sent an email to register your complaint and I'm glad you got a free meal out of it.
The food looks good.
Have a happy weekend.
Hugs, Julia

Tanza Erlambang said...

glad to know that:
- you back blogging....(miss you)
- you and yours have happy live...

Have a great weekend

Amy said...

Good to see an update. I usually use trip advisor when we eat in restaurants or cafes or anywhere we stay, it's also good to see what other people think.

betty-NZ said...

Sometimes, you just have to enjoy life away from the keyboard. We all have times that are more important, although we do enjoy hearing from you when you have time. :)

My Corner of the World

betty-NZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
betty-NZ said...

PS. I'm glad Whitesnake's hand healed OK. It sure looks like it hurt!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Ouch on the hand. Glad the restaurant came through for you in the end.

Olivia's Catastrophe said...

It sounds like overall you've been doing well and I am glad to hear it. The food looks great and yay for having family over :)

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