Saturday, 24 August 2019

Keeping up with KB

I can't believe I haven't blogged since May. Not for any particular reason I can think of really. So here's a post to catch you up with KB.

One stormy night, Whitesnake (hubby), cut his hand while trying to close a jammed window. He needed stitches at the time but it all healed up now. Scary stuff.

Photo source: KB

Recently we had family visiting from Australia, a lovely time was had by all. During their stay we visited a local restaurant for lunch. Whitesnake and I had heard great things about the restaurant from a friend. Unfortunately, Whitesnake had to send his meal back twice so we were extremely disappointed.

Whitesnake's brother and sister-in-law

After sending an email regarding our experience to the restaurant, we were happy to receive a phone call, an apology and a voucher for a free meal. Earlier this week we went back to the restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Photo sources: KB

That's all from me today.

Have a great weekend.

Love KB