Friday, 26 September 2008


The first day of school had finally arrived. She pulled on her wellies, as it was raining outside. A boy pointed and laughed, 'Her wellies are orange, how stupid is that!' Mum had bought them for her, she would wear them with pride.


'How was your day sweetheart?'

'Great Mum, I punched a boy!'

As you may have realised by now, many of my stories and poems are based on events which have actually happened to me, this one is no exception. The look on my mother's face was priceless. The teasing I received from this boy was relentless.I didn't punch him but I did push him and he fell over in front of all his friends. Funnily enough, he didn't bother me after that. These days I wear pink wellies, what can I say...I'm an individual.

N.B. Wellies are otherwise know as gumboots or wellington boots. I'll see if I can find a pic because last time I mentioned them, there seemed to be some confusion as to what they actually were.

Here ya go. I wear these in the paddock when it's raining and muddy (much to the amusement of the farmer).

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Happy reading and writing!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


This is a really long one but I just had to have Achmed on my blog somewhere.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I saw this quiz over on Ciara's blog and thought I'd give it a try. Maybe if I mix some of Karen and the rest of KrazyBlonde together I'll find the correct combination. Some of it's spot on and the rest is sssssssssssssssoooooooooooo wrong.

What Karen Means

You are a seeker of knowledge, and you have learned many things in your life.

You are also a keeper of knowledge - meaning you don't spill secrets or spread gossip.

People sometimes think you're snobby or aloof, but you're just too deep in thought to pay attention to them.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.

You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.

You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.

You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.

At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

What Krazyblonde Means

You are a seeker of knowledge, and you have learned many things in your life.

You are also a keeper of knowledge - meaning you don't spill secrets or spread gossip.

People sometimes think you're snobby or aloof, but you're just too deep in thought to pay attention to them.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.

You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.

You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are incredibly wise and perceptive. You have a lot of life experience.

You are a natural peacemaker, and you are especially good at helping others get along.

But keeping the peace in your own life is not easy. You see things very differently, and it's hard to get you to budge.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.

You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.

You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous.

You are bold and daring. You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things.

Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble. You can have a pretty bad temper at times.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.

You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.

At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row.

You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace.

People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.

You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.

At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

Monday, 22 September 2008


I'd like to introduce you to my friend..... She's funny, kind, loving, loyal, a talented poet, a Mum and one of my dearest friends.

A couple of years ago, I joined Helium (a site for writers). If I remember correctly, Muttars and Keith were already writing on blogspot and many more of us followed suit when we grew tired of the restrictions placed on us by the Helium site.

One of the first people I came into contact with over on Helium was Phil, affectionately know to Missy and I as's a long story. Anyway, Phil was always mentioning this lovely lady he knew named Missy and suggested we get in touch. He thought we'd get on like a house on fire. He was soooooooooo right. Missy and I have remained good friends since, she is like a sister to me.

Missy and I are alike in many ways but I think what we have most in common is our sense of humour. I find this amusing in itself because for a start she is American and many Americans I have come into contact with don't relate to my sense of humour. Also, she is a woman and I usually get along better with men. I know a conversation with Missy isn't going to be hours going on and on about shoes and shopping, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I tend to nod off when those kinds of topics come up.

Missy and I support each other, cheer each other up when needed and generally just have a laugh. I'd be lost without her friendship.

Why don't you pay her a visit and tell her I sent you.

Love you Missy!

Bye y'all

P.S. If you'd be interested in being introduced to any more of my blog buddies...drop me a comment here and I'll do another poll.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


Recently, 24 of New Zealand's top search and rescue dogs were training in the South Island. Some of the best trackers have been saved from death row at the pound.

According to one trainer, most dogs they recover from the pound have the right attitude for search and rescue. One of her dogs arrived with a broken leg but he still couldn't wait to get started. Most of the dogs start off really hyper but give them some training and a job to do and they become totally different dogs.

The dogs main role is to find people who go missing in the bush and elderly people who wander off from rest homes.

Amazing when you think about it really. Dogs tossed aside and neglected by humans being trained to save our lives.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Buddy is an eighteen-month-old German Shepard. His owner suffered a head injury ten years ago and Buddy has been trained to phone 911 in case of emergency.

This clever dog remembered his training last week - saving his owner's life.

On a recording of the 911 call, Buddy can be heard whimpering and barking as the dispatcher repeatedly asks if the caller needs help.

Buddy's owner spent a couple of days in the hospital and is doing fine.

Good on ya Buddy!


Australian Gold Medal winner - Steve Hooker was asked, 'Is pole vaulting a sexy sport?'

He replied, 'There's no sexier sport, we've got our big pole, we plant it into a box and land in a bed.'

So funny, *giggles*

Thursday, 18 September 2008


For those of you who don't already know, I refer to my dog as the alarm spaniel. It's great having an alarm spaniel around; any time a visitor or a cat comes near...the barking begins. Unfortunately, it takes a while for her to respond to the off button, but I'm working on it.

At around 7.30 last night, the alarm spaniel went off. I imagined it was a cat and wasn't concerned until I heard footsteps coming to my door. Eek.

The outside lights didn't activate, (hubby had turned them off because the cat kept setting them off). So there I am, sitting on my own, pitched black outside with someone knocking at my door.

I opened a window because I knew if I went to the door, Coco would have a few words with this stranger . There was a man there who introduced himself and asked if he could come in for a few minutes for a chat.

He looked harmless enough and for a moment, I considered letting him in. I didn't want to say - My husband is away so could you come back another day? I managed to come up with, 'Now's not convenient, could you come back another time?' He replied, 'Sure, how about tomorrow night?' I didn't know how to respond. If he was dodgy he would either know I was home alone or my house would be unattended the next evening. I asked him if he could come back next week instead and left it at that.

Makes me wonder why people in this day an age go door knocking. Don't they realise they are putting themselves at risk entering strangers houses? Maybe he felt safe being a man. Silly man if you ask me. I realise he didn't know I was home alone but don't people think about these things? Home invasion if rife. I don't usually have visitors arriving on my doorstep, by foot, unannounced. He scared me half to death.

Which reminds me. Today, I passed a hitchhiker on my way to the shops. I felt sorry for him and almost stopped. He was still there when I headed home. I think hitchhikers must be mad. Talk about making yourself an easy target.

The moral to this story...if you are going to pay me a visit in the evening, make sure you phone first or you may have to deal with the alarm spaniel.

Oh dear, I think I've been watching too many horror movies again. Wonder if there are any romance movies on tonight...

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Love is...

Aww, came across this poem while I was sorting through some old papers. I remember it was one of my favourites when I was a teenager.

Love is feeling cold in the back of vans

Love is a fanclub with only two fans

Love is walking holding paintstained hands

Love is.

Love is fish and chips on winter nights

Love is blankets full of strange delights

Love is when you don't put out the light

Love is

Love is the presents in Christmas shops

Love is when you're feeling Top of the Pops

Love is what happens when the music stops

Love is

Love is white panties lying all forlorn

Love is pink nightdresses still slightly warm

Love is when you have to leave at dawn

Love is

Love is you and love is me

Love is prison and love is free

Love's what's there when you are away from me

Love is...

-Adrian Henri


Friday 19th September, is NZ's National Nude Day. Don't worry folks, it's not an official holiday, it's brought to us by Sports Cafe.

Sports Cafe, is one of my favourite shows on telly. The programme was removed from air about three years ago. Mostly because of the antics of Marc Ellis,(I would imagine). With comments such as '... was sweating like a rapist', it's hardly surprising. The show returned to our screens a few months ago.

It's a live hour of general mayhem; including interviews with sports folk and a round up of the week's sporting highlights. Perfect for me because there aren't enough hours in the week to watch Rugby as it is, never mind all the other sport.

An unlikely crew host the show, an ex rugby union/league player, a World Sevens Rugby Captain, a former sports correspondent, a former Miss Universe (NZ) and of course, That Guy (yes, that's his name and I have no idea who he is) *giggles*.

I'm enjoying this season more than ever. Marc seems to have toned down a fraction. If you can call showing up for the show drunk one time, toning down. His comments have been tamer... 'He came up behind me and I wasn't sure if he wanted me to bend over or hug him.' Last week he managed to give out another hosts cell phone number on Live TV. He's kinda like a little boy who has never grown up. The way he behaves is so ridiculous, you can't help laughing.

Back to National Nude Day. Funnily enough - Marc's idea. It's held once a year, I think it began the year after the show started. The public send in videos of themselves doing ridiculous things in the nude. The best ones are shown each week and the winner will be announced oh the show. My favourite so far has been a man bending over, while another person parks the wheel of his bike up his bum crack. It doesn't sound funny but I had tears pouring down my cheeks.

What has surprised me, has been the amount of entries by women this year. Yikes, I've never seen so many boobies on TV.

Perhaps I'll leave it at that for now. National Nude Day, Boobs on Bikes guys will be thinking we're all a bunch of perverts over here. We have regular holidays too, honest!

I may post the winning entry at a later stage. Depends on how risque it is.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Why is it that some days, I can have a day to myself without interruption, all the time in the world to write something down and I can't write anything? I always have ideas of topics in my head but some days they decide they'd like to make a home for themselves in there and stay a while. Other times (usually when I have other things I need to be doing) I have so much to say, I have to stop what I'm doing and write it down.

I'm noticing more and more when these moments of inspiration come to me and instead of trying to ignore them, I go with the flow. I've always written privately, usually rambling on and on to myself but this sharing thoughts is reasonably new to me and I must say, I'm really enjoying it.

Inspiration comes in many forms for me. I listen to music constantly, it's often easier to listen to the words from the head of someone else than those in my own.

There are many special people in my life who inspire me. Some are long gone but their words remain with me. Others have been through terrible loss and tragedy yet still remain strong.

I often wonder what makes a person strong. Is it in their genes or is it a
combination of this and life experiences? I used to think to myself when I was depressed. Why do you feel this way? You have a good life? People I care about have been through incapacitating injuries, homelessness, child abuse, death of a loved one and come out of it stronger than ever.

These things have never affected me yet looking back on the past there were some days when I couldn't bear to get out of bed in the morning, I would close my eyes and think, this is too hard, I just want it to end and find some peace.

Luckily, I found a wonderful therapist and he made me look at my life in a different way. The way I take on other people's problems and help them, which is easier than looking at my own experiences and dealing with them. Ah, he was a wise man...I used to want to slap him on a regular basis, LOL.

I've totally lost track of where I was going with this post but I kinda like the feeling. See, that is one of the things I struggle with when I write. I do so much editing at times because I want to be 100% happy with the result, that the post loses it's originality.

A good friend told me I should try writing and going with the flow and just tweak it at the end...if I must. I'm trying but I'll probably go back and spend another hour changing it. LMAO, What am I like?

I originally came here to thank my blog buddies. All of you inspire me in some way or another. Stories, pictures, laughter, poems, rambles and your comments often leave me in stitches.

Thanks for sharing and making my world a better place.

P.S. I checked my spelling but that was all. Step away from the computer Karen...NOW!

Monday, 15 September 2008


I saw this over on Steve's blog and just had to share with y'all.

NZ, great music, romance, a loving man...what more could a girl want? A wine perhaps?

Love it


Sunday, 14 September 2008


Does this happen to you? I've had so many ideas for posts going round and round in my head for about a week now. They are little odds and ends which don't justify a post of their own but I need to clear space in my head, LOL. Well, I know what I mean. Write it down and move on. So I'm gonna ramble away today. Maybe I'll start doing a weekly ramble.

It's not the tragedies that kill us, it's the messes.

-Dorothy Parker

I heard the quote below on telly last night and thought it was appropriate for what I intended to write about today. Funny how that happens isn't it?

Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one.


Over 10,000 hits and 250 posts in just over a year. I can receive anything between 2 and 20 comments per post....hmmm, you do the math. I knew many of the hits were mine but as the number began to creep up, I was curious as to who was visiting and how they arrived at my wee blog.

Let me give you a little background info before I continue. A few years ago, one of our fellow bloggers and I were - I think the expression is - cyber stalked, by the same person. Wasn't too serious for me, I think it was mainly backlash from me trying to protect my friend. But it was still an eye-opener...being followed around online, nasty emails, that kind of thing. Anyway, it was all sorted and it's made me a lot more aware of the signs to look for so these things don't get out of hand. With me so far?

Which brings me back to being curious about my blog visitors. I decided to install one of those blog tracking gizmos recently, which provided me with some interesting results. After a bit of research, I discovered there's someone in particular *waves* who visits me, often twice a day, which isn't unusual in itself but this person hasn't commented for months and last time I heard, they didn't even like me very much, LOL. I'm pretty sure they don't visit me to read my posts. Sounds mysterious I know but I don't want to go into too much detail. It kinda gives me the creeps.

Which brings me to my next point. I see blogger has a new, follower function (which I think is cool)but when does following (for want of a better word) become stalking? I do it myself, there are some blogs I read every day but don't always comment on. Sometimes there's nothing I have to say on the topic. I have a list of my favourite blogs so I can see when a friend has posted. I know hubby reads my blog every day but doesn't comment often. He prefers to verbally comment *giggles*. This is all perfectly normal as far as I can see but when does it cross the line?

I talked to hubby about it a while back and he thinks I am being overly sensitive and a little paranoid. He reminds me there are many strange people out there (I'm pretty sure he puts me in this catergory) and when you spend a significant amount of time out and about on the net, you are bound to encounter them once in a while.

I'm not overly concerned, in this case, I just don't like it, LOL. If I hadn't installed the gizmo, I wouldn't have know about it, perhaps my own paranoia is to blame.

Anyway, I'm going to remove the tracker cause it makes me feel a bit stalkerish (is that a word?)myself. When I read back what I had written here, I noticed I stated I didn't like it when someone was checking up on my whereabouts but isn't that what I am doing by having the tracker on my blog? Treat others as you would like to be treated Karen and all that.

Oh lookey, turned out to be a long ramble after all. Any thoughts?


I've removed ads from my blog too. Adsense is supposed to incorporate ads which are relevant to the blog. How...FIND ASIAN GIRLS FOR relevant to my blog is beyond me. Perhaps it's for one of my readers...*wink*


You've heard the expression....Happy as Larry..? Who the hell is Larry and why is he so happy?

If you've made it this far - here's a big hug for ya.

((((((((((((((((((((((((BLOG BUDDIES)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I love you all, I trust a few of you and as far as I know...when I've done wrong, I've applogised for it. Man, I likey that quote.


There I was dressed up in my All Black gear, feet up, in front of the telly, glass of red in hand, ten mins until the game started....screen goes blank. After much cursing, pulling out of plugs, rebooting system and more swearing, I realised I was going to have to wait another hour for the delayed coverage option. Fucks sake, pay all that money for satellite tv and it decides to go down at the most inappropriate times. I was NOT happy.

Anyway, I'm so happy I stayed up to watch my boys, they did NZ proud. The Tri-Nations and Bledisloe cups tucked away in the cabinet for another year. Woohoo!

A fellow, Mighty Blacks supporter missed the game and asked for a blow by blow account. I am usually biased in these things so I copy and pasted an article from my local rag. I recon the writer is probably a little biased too but I think he did a good job. So here ya go mate, courtesy of The New Zealand Herald.

The All Blacks held off a storming Wallabies finish to win a thrilling rugby test 28-24 here tonight and lock the Tri-Nations and Bledisloe Cups in their cabinet for another year.

Down 7-17 just after halftime the All Blacks rattled up three tries in 17 minutes to win their fourth consecutive Tri-Nations title and retain the Bledisloe Cup for a fifth year with a match to spare.

But the All Blacks weren't safe as a late try by Wallaby Ryan Cross with two minutes left narrowed the gap then the visitors had to defend desperately as the seconds ticked away.

The visitors scored four tries to three at Suncorp Stadium and rode home on a roaring "All Blacks" chant from a fair proportion of the crowd of 52,328. Captain Richie McCaw and his jubilant team embraced at the final whistle.

The All Blacks struck the killer blows in the 62nd and 67th minutes when replacement halfback Piri Weepu scored then first five-eighth Daniel Carter bumped off two defenders to give them an 11-point margin which proved enough.

For Deans, his debut Tri-Nations season ended with back-to-back defeats after a flying start to his new job.

The Wallabies led 10-7 at halftime after they dominated possession in a scrappy first 40 minutes where the whistle of referee Jonathan Kaplan was prominent.

The South African had little patience at the breakdown and warned both sides in the first half with yellow cards.

The All Blacks scored first in a rare attacking raid after a flurry of free kicks when fullback Mils Muliaina touched down after a quick tap from halfback Jimmy Cowan.

He found space inside the Wallabies 22m line then Jerome Kaino and Ma'a Nonu used the overlap to send Muliaina over out wide.

It looked as if the All Blacks would carry their lead into halftime as they defended stoutly, a Kaino turnover halting one 12-phase Wallabies movement near the line.

But on the stroke of halftime the hosts finally strung some passes together and fullback Adam Ashley-Cooper put them in front.

First five-eighth Matt Giteau, who had a poor first half with the boot, kicked wide for wing Peter Hynes who was hit in mid-air by opposite Sitiveni Sivivatu, but freed the pass to his fullback who darted past Muliaina and Conrad Smith to score.

The test opened up after the break and the Wallabies extended their lead to 10 points when they raced onto attack, Giteau handled twice and sent lock James Horwill crashing through Carter's tackle out wide.

But coach Graham Henry rolled on his substitutes with half an hour left and the All Blacks stormed home over the tiring Wallabies.

Prop Tony Woodcock raced 20m down the left touchline from a Smith linebreak for his third try in two matches against Australia, and Carter converted from the sideline to narrow the gap to three.

Weepu was only on the field seven minutes before he dotted down when Sivivatu caught the Wallabies' defence napping, then Carter nailed the coffin shut five minutes later when he bumped off Cross and Ashley Cooper to dive over under the posts.


Saturday, 13 September 2008


A cheeky so and so forwarded this pic to me with the above title. I don't understand it really...I hardly ever drink :)


If you could pop over to
and slap him for me, I would really appreciate it. *giggles* He has a pic of my wee, dawg on his list of dislikes. How could anyone dislike my girl? She's been sulking since she heard the news.

Right, I'm heading out to my parents place soon. I'm going to watch Mama Mia with my Mama. Dad is tagging along too. I've heard it's a chick flick and he'll no doubt be bored to tears. Least it's dark in the movie theatre, he'll probably have a nap.

This evening I'll be cosy on the couch, in front of the telly, wearing my All Black jersey, with my bucket of wine and cheering the boys on. Watched them thrash Samoa last week. Can't remember the final score but they wracked up over 100 points. Too easy.

There's a lot riding on tonight's match against Australia - Bledisloe Cup and Tri- Nations Championship. It's going to be a beauty.

Go the All Blacks!

Friday, 12 September 2008


The page is blank, the slate is clean?
Words are controlled, they stifle me.
No rhythm or rhyme.
Cursor blinks, taunting me.
Clearly quite absurd.
Breathe girl, breathe.

A blank page, a fresh start.
Inspiration awaits.
The words begin to flow,
enabling my escape.
Life is full of promise again.
I'm finally free to breathe.

Flash Fiction - Every Friday, I compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less. If you want to join in the fun and games and give it a your story and report to the boss - . If you're not interested in contributing a story, feel free to read the other entries. I'm sure any comments you have would be appreciated.

Happy reading and writing!

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Yesterday, our friend Dickiebo requested a prize for selecting Missy in my reader's poll. I wanted to choose the perfect gift. I took into consideration the unflattering blonde jokes, the Krazy Blonde vid, his dislike of dogs, his disparaging comments about the Mighty All Blacks, the references to my injuries and my botched spelling attempts (I realise your partner in crime - Keith, has much to answer for re the last reference).

Keep 'em coming my friend. Here is your prize, just what you always wanted...more dog video. Enjoy and yes, I did pick up the pooh :) I think you've gotten off pretty lightly considering.


Wednesday, 10 September 2008


We have been experiencing the strangest weather lately. Beautiful sunshine, followed by thunder, lightning, storms and a couple of days ago - hail. I don't think I've ever seen such weather in my neck of the woods. What's going on?



I weighed myself this morning and am pleased to report I've lost another 2kgs. Woohoo! All the walking, eating properly and reduction of the vino is paying off. My goal is to lose one more kg then I'm done.


There are one million ants to every human in the world.
Frogs cannot swallow with their eyes open.
A quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet.


Thanks for those who voted. Looks like Missy is IT, hehe!

Love KB

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


I'm having a terrible time acessing my blog at the mo. I am receiving notification of comments made but cannot actually read my own posts. I swear I have only had one glass of wine. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon and I can reply to your comments.

Anyone else having trouble in blog land?


Monday, 8 September 2008


Hi all,

I'm back and totally relaxed after my trip away. Let's see if I can remember what I've been up to...

A most enjoyable evening out with our good friends Penny and Andrew. Thai food, good company and a table full of blind people and their doggies next to us.

Spent the next evening at hubby's brother's place. Had a fantastic time - as always. Dear I and L, I'm not writing this because I know you sometimes read my blog, I'm writing it because I always have the best time at your place. We drank too much, ate a delicious duck and played Buzz.

I found it interesting that my brother-in-law said he learned more from reading my blog than he previously knew about me. Hmmm, I thought he knew me pretty well already. Maybe it's because I find it easier to write down how I am feeling than talk face to face with people. When I write here, it's straight from brain to laptop. It's easier to stay on topic and get inside my head when I can write without interruption. Who knows really.

We stayed overnight at their place because we always drink too much to drive home when we stay there, hehe. The following morning,our hosts cooked a birthday breakfast (hubby's birthday). We ate bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes and black pudding. Yum!

We headed to my Mum's place next. They had returned from their holiday to Samoa that very morning and looked as brown as Maoris. Dad showed off his photos and hubby and mum exchanged gifts. My hubby, mum and grandad all share the same birthday.

Next stop was hubby's parents place, followed by more gifts.

We spent a lovely week at Miranda Holiday Park; reading, doing crosswords, eating, drinking, shopping and soaking in the pool. Unfortunately, I pulled a muscle in my neck and spent a couple of days in quite a lot of pain but the red wine medicine kept me happy until the pain subsided.

That's all from me folks. Time to catch up on what you boys and girls have been up to.

Bye for now


Just 20 seconds worth of fuel remained when Apollo 11's lunar module landed on the moon.

The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.

Bet you're glad you visited me today, hehe!