Tuesday, 29 October 2019

A beautiful morning in Weymouth

Whitesnake and I have decided to spend some time exploring our neighbourhood. We've lived in South Auckland for years but haven't visited as many local places as we would like. It's spring time here in New Zealand and quite wet recently so as soon as there was a sunny day, we hoped in the car and drove a short 10 minutes to Weymouth. A beach, some benches and a walkway awaited. Definitely will be visiting again.

Photo sources: KB

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Love KB

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Poetry: Good Times

Photo source: Pixabay

Remember the good times
They'll serve you well
When life is hard
As tough as hell

Hot summer nights
Lying in bed
His strong shoulders
Resting my head

Laughing and loving
Wasting our days
Entombed in our room
Set in our ways

You doing your thing
Me doing mine
Coming together
For beer and wine

Life carries on
Memories remain
Don't let bad times
Leave their stain

Post bumped up to share with Poetry Pantry originally posted 11/5/2011 
Love KB