Sunday, 8 July 2018

Original Ways To Propose Marriage

A thoughtful, romantic marriage proposal is to be treasured. It’s important before deciding how to propose, to consider the personality and feelings of the other person. Proposing to a loved one who is scared of heights, after skydiving is probably not a good idea. A private person would probably prefer to be proposed to one-on-one, rather than in front of a huge group of strangers in a football stadium.

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Here are some original ways to propose marriage:

One on one 

Recreating a special moment previously shared by two people who are in love, is a wonderful way to propose marriage. Taking this idea a step further, taking a partner to revisit milestones of the relationship and then ending in a place never visited before is fun. Proposing in this new location will be the next milestone to be reached and will add a lovely surprise to the end of the tour.

In the company of others 

Throwing a party with friends and family is a great idea, as the proposal and the engagement can be celebrated at the same time. Including children from previous relationships in a proposal is a wonderful idea because it makes the child feel part of this new relationship. Another lovely way to present a partner with a ring is to attach it to the collar of a beloved pet. After time apart, picking up a loved one from the airport is always appreciated. It’s twice as nice if accompanied by a ‘Will you marry me?’ sign. 

In writing 

There are many creative ways to propose in writing such as in the sand on a beautiful beach, in the snow on a deserted mountain top, a heartfelt poem written by hand on beautiful stationary or a handwritten letter posted via mail. To build a little more anticipation, send four balloons, roses or cupcakes, an hour apart with each item having one word of the phrase –‘ Will you marry me?’ written on them.  Starting a website or journal and including stories of how the couple met and important aspects of time spent together with a proposal at the end, is a lovely way to record the romance and include the proposal.

Keeping it simple 

Often, the simplest proposals are the best. Wrapping the ring in increasingly bigger boxes or parcels is an easy and fun way to do this. If rainbows or starry nights mean something special to the couple, propose next time there is one on display. Another simple way is to leave notes around the house with clues that lead to the engagement ring. 

There are many ways to propose marriage, but with a little thought and imagination, a proposal can truly become a wonderful way for two people to begin a new life together. 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating

It’s often difficult to pinpoint why a person thinks a spouse is cheating, it may be based on a feeling of something not being quite the same as it was. A spouse may slowly begin to change behaviours which don’t stand out alone, but when combined together, may reveal a cheating spouse.
Here are a few signs that a spouse may be cheating:

Time apart

Cheating takes time and effort, therefore a spouse who is cheating will need to be away from the marriage partner more than in the past. This may involve such excuses as staying late at work, going out with friends, taking up a new pastime or needing time to be alone.

Being secretive

Being secretive is part of a cheater’s new skill set. Secretive behaviours may include talking quietly on the phone, hanging up the phone when a spouse enters the room, unexplained charges on credit cards, spending more time on the computer and keeping the screen hidden. When asked for the reasons for these changes in patterns, a cheater will easily come up with a plausible excuse and probably try to make the questioning spouse feel guilty for asking.

Withdrawing or overcompensating

There is a lot of guilt involved with cheating. A cheater may overcompensate for cheating by paying more attention to a spouse or go in the complete opposite direction by withdrawing completely. A cheating spouse may often flip between both of these behaviours, causing confusing unexplained mood changes.

A new best friend

When a spouse is finding it difficult to communicate or connect with a marriage partner, they will often turn to another to confide in. Talking is a great way to solve problems, but when a spouse is talking to a new ‘best friend’ instead of the person they are married to, it can become a problem. How many times has the expression, ‘Oh, we’re just friends.’ been used only later to be proved false due to an exposed affair?
Any relationship needs a level of trust to survive. If a spouse is showing combinations of the above signs and their partner's gut feeling is that cheating is involved, this may indeed be the case. However, the above could also be signs of many other problems such as work stress or health issues. If a relationship with a spouse is causing concern, communication is the key to working through these problems. The first step is to sit down and talk about how both parties are feeling and take it from there. Hopefully, cheating isn’t the cause and you can both work through whatever it is.

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