Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Hi all,

There have been severe weather warnings all around the country but we've managed to survive without any harm. Yay! My sympathy to those who are still experiencing the storms in other parts of NZ.

Coco has not been impressed with the cold weather and has been plonking herself down in front of the heater. She does make me giggle, she sits there regardless, whether it's on or off. She must be an optimist.

I'm in tenth position in this month's Blog Contest. Thank you to everyone who has voted so far and if you have a spare few minutes, follow the link on my side bar and vote again. You can vote once every 24 hours.

I've done all my chores, I've even made the dinner and it's only lunch time. Must be movie time, yay! Capote is my choice for this afternoon.

That's all folks!

Love KB

Sunday, 23 May 2010


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Love kb


I'm feeling really good today. Actually, I feel good most of the time these days but I don't really get on here to tell y'all as often as I would like.

I've had a few health worries recently but I'm feeling great now. A couple of months ago I went to the Dr to have a smear test. I do this regularly as required and haven't had any problems in the past. It came as quiet a shock to hear my results. Firstly, I was given the result over the phone by a nurse. I think sometimes the health profession see us as a number and forget we are human beings. I was basically told my results were showing abnormalities and the Dr suggested I visit a Specialist. Maybe I over reacted but I hung up the phone and burst into tears. The nurse was very nice but she didn't explain things very well. I've never had health problems before so I presumed seeing a specialist was serious and thought an explanation face-to-face would have been more appropriate.

After a talk with Steve, I decided to take matters into my own hands and visit my Dr. He explained that my smear showed abnormalities which were quite common in women over 40 but that if it was his sister or wife with these results he would refer them. He basically informed me that if there was a problem, it was best to find out now rather than wait another year. His gut feeling was to investigate further.

I've paid health insurance premiums ever since I started working but changed over to my ex- husband's policy when I left work about three years ago. When we went our separate ways, he cancelled the policy and I couldn't afford to pay the very high premiums (at the time). Bloody typical, I finally need the insurance cover and I don't have it any more. I was put on the Public waiting list and would have to wait my turn.

I was impressed with the Public system. I only had to wait a few days, the clinic was quite new and the staff were very friendly. Steve came along to hold my hand. I had a Colposcopy exam. I had to lie back with my feet up in stirrups while a tiny camera investigated down below. The Doc asked if I'd like to see what the camera was looking at on the TV screen. It was fascinating to see myself on the inside. He injected some dye to show the irregular cells and then took a small biopsy. It wasn't painful, just like a little pinch really. The Dr and nurse made me feel very comfortable and I knew Steve was right there with me, so it was all good.

It took a whole month to receive my results and it was a very tense time for Steve and I. Actually, I didn't realise how much of a strain until after it was all over. Felt like I had been holding my breath for a month.

I'm pleased to report that the cells weren't cancerous and my repeat smear has come back normal. In future, I need to have a follow up yearly instead of every other year. As usual, I have shared way too much information, LOL but maybe if someone reads this and is reminded to follow up on their health check-ups, it's worth sharing.

I have some other health stuff to share but I think this is probably enough info for one day.

Love KB

Saturday, 22 May 2010


According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four legs, four arms and a head with two faces.

Fearing their power, Zeus split them apart, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other half.

I couldn’t explain what was missing until I found him. Time to call off the search. I’m complete.

Flash Fiction - Each Friday, I compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less. If you would like to join in the fun and games... post your story and report to the boss G-MAN. If you're not interested in contributing a story, feel free to read the other entries. I'm sure any comments you have would be appreciated.

Happy reading and writing!
Love KB

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Steve and I recently went away for a night, as a belated birthday celebration. We had a great time, as the pics will show. Perhaps I should have checked with Steve before I posted the bath shot, hehe!


Thursday, 13 May 2010


I don't know why Mum bought me a new bed

I'm happy enough sleeping on the dirty washing pile.

Dad loves his laptop so much

I wonder what I need to do to get him to notice me

I wish I was a laptop

Monday, 10 May 2010



3. The Dark Tower (Wizard and Glass) - Stephen King

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Have a great week,

Love KB

Sunday, 9 May 2010



Today has been a strange day for me. This time last year, I was step-mother to two girls I adore and this year they don't want a thing to do with me. This doesn't change the fact that I love them to bits and I always will. I'll always consider myself their step-mother, regardless of their opinion of me. I had already come to terms with the fact that I wouldn't hear from them today and decided to turn my attention to my own Mother and enjoy the day.

Steve and I packed up the car with goodies and headed to my parent's home to prepare lunch. We had lots of yummy food, bubbly and pressies for Mum. A wonderful time was had by all and I haven't laughed so much in ages. Suggesting ideas for a new business venture for my Dad had me LOL. Somehow, I don't think Harry's Day Spa will ever see the light of day. Especially if he is going to charge me for using the tub, hehe!

So, Mum enjoyed being waited on, Dad enjoying his MacDonald's chips (which Steve picked up specially for him to eat BEFORE lunch) and we all enjoyed the laughs. After lunch, we returned home to our little dog Coco. I'll always be her Mum regardless of what I do. She loves me unconditionally and that's the way we should all love our Mums.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums out there but especially to mine - I couldn't have survived this last six months without her love and support.

Love ya Mum

Saturday, 8 May 2010


I've gained a little weight since I've been living with Whitesnake. Me thinks his potato bake (made with full cream) and our late night, cheese toasties probably have something to do with it. Steve likes to cook food which I love to eat but has a bad effect on my waistline. He's lucky enough to burn his off with all the walking he does for his job. I have decided it's time to stop complaining about my flabby bits and do something about it.

I gained weight a couple of years back and lost it by doing the 10,000 steps a day programme. I would wear my pedometer (which counts the number of steps you take) and try to complete 10,000 per day. I decided to wear a pedometer last week to monitor how many steps I was taking. Hmmm, not very many. In fact, probably half the amount I need to be doing.

Usually, when I decide to change something, I try to reach my goal too quickly. This time, I've decided that my goal will be to increase the number of steps each week until I reach my 10,000 a day. Wish me luck. Best foot forward and all that.

Love KB

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Here ya go Missy...

Steve and I had a beaut evening last night. No crappy emails, text messages or phone calls from people who should be minding their own business, woohoo! A chicken curry, a couple of drinks, a comedy show and great company. I feel like a new woman.

Have a great day everyone.
Love KB

Monday, 3 May 2010


I feel another ramble come on, hehe!

A few things happened over the last couple of days which got me thinking about my blog and privacy. What privacy? I hear you ask.

Firstly, one of my blog buddies who I have know for a long time, commented that I am a very public person and wear my heart on my sleeve. This is true in the internet world but not in real life. I believe I am very open with people when I meet them face to face but I would tell very few people I know the things I discuss with you nutters. So I considered this for a while, deciding it was all good.

The next day, I watched House on telly. LOVE HOUSE! The episode was about a blogger and the different characters gave their opinions about how much you should share with strangers, etc. Mind starts ticking over again and I begin to get a bad feeling.

Next day, some people who don't know me but know someone I know (confused?)read my ramble, poetry, looked at pics and so forth. I heard from another source that they giggled over something I wrote (which meant a lot to me). These are people I may meet some day and I felt really upset. Silly I know as I post all this in public but I felt quite sick, like some stranger had picked up my diary, read it and then trashed it. Even as I write that, I feel like I am overreacting but that is honestly how I felt. Like my life and feelings were are a big joke.

So, now I feel quite confused. I am still the same private person - face to face. Most of you here know more about me than my family. When I first started blogging, I had some privacy because my journal was 'invited' friends only. I began slowly revealing little pieces at a time. Now I feel so connected to some of you in the blog world that I want to tell you everything. I value your advice and your opinions. I find writing an easier way to express myself than talking. I've always been that way. I don't think about what I am going to write. I sit, I begin to type and what comes out is basically what I post. Sometimes, I don't really know what the post was about until I read it back. All I know is, I write it and I feel better. It's makes room in my brain for other stuff, LOL!

It's not like I have many other people to talk to face to face anymore. I tell Steve EVERYTHING but sometimes I need to connect with others. I can't exactly call up my Mum and Mum I felt like jumping off a tall building yesterday and was wondering if you had some advice. She'd be worried sick.

What to do, what to do? I think I'll just keep doing what I do. I don't mind if complete strangers read what I write, I don't mind if people who know me read what I write. I think what upset me was the fact I wrote something on here which I usually wouldn't say out loud and someone who didn't know me laughed about it.I'm sure it was not meant to be a bad thing, at least I got a reaction I suppose. If they knew me in real life, they wouldn't have done that because they would know what a big deal that is. Or we would have laughed about it together, which is different.

I guess what I have figured out blog is part of me, I don't want to edit it as it would be like editing myself. I write here the things I wish I could say out loud. It's my voice. This is the real me, others can either accept this or not. I have to get over the fact that not everyone can like me and I just need to be myself.

You people who read my blog are the lucky get to know the real me and besides Steve and my parents...I think you're the ones who love me best.

Love ya

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Do you ever feel like there's so much going on around you but you're standing still? That's how I've been feeling lately. There are important decisions I need to make and results I need to chase up but I'm getting caught up in the day to day stuff instead of taking care of business.

I feel so tired, not physically...emotionally. Not necessarily in a bad way either. Steve and I are very happy with each other but we both have lots of baggage we have brought to our relationship. I think I can speak for Steve too, our life is like a roller coaster at the moment. Outside interference has us up and down on a daily basis. Big sigh. I want to take him by the hand and escape to a desert island for a few months. I know running away isn't the answer because all the crap that needs to be taken care of will still be here when we get back. In the past, I would ramble on here or in my journal or in emails to Steve but even that was taken away from me. Nothing like knowing your private thoughts and dreams had been read by another and thrown back in your face. It's difficult to get back to expressing yourself honestly when your privacy has been invaded in such a way.

Anyway, I've decided I need to take back control of my life instead of letting it control me. I'm hoping rambling here and in my private journal (which I know will remain private ) will help me find my way.

I've already begun doing some things this week to get me back on track. Just monitoring really...wearing pedometer, researching health issues I have, that type of thing. I'm going to go away now and come up with a plan for next week. I've been doing this every week for a month but not following through. Perhaps putting it in writing will make a difference this time.

I would like to say this, leaving my old life has been the hardest thing I've ever done...I know some people in blog land who are thinking of doing the same thing. Consider things carefully, you have much to lose and make sure you have some strong support before you do it. If I hadn't had the support of Steve and my parents, I would be a basket case right now. I do have regrets about the way I handled the situation and the people who are now lost to me but it had to be done. When I wake up in the morning and see Steve next to me, I feel so blessed. He is my everything and I know that together we can accomplish many wonderful things.

Thanks for making it to the end of my ramble.

Love KB