Thursday, 3 September 2009


I stumbled upon this unfinished post which I wrote ages ago. Often I will sit in the garden with pen and paper and put down thoughts as they occur only to add them to my pile of unfinished pieces. I found this one interested as I looked back on how far I have come. I used to spend hours of my day and night on the net chatting and playing games. I'm happy to report I have cut down the time I spend on here and I limit my time to writing, visiting you lovely folk and the occasional chat.

This is what I had to say at the beginning of the year.


Following my previous post , I decided to do some research. I discussed my reading decline with hubby and he suggested that maybe I was spending too much time on the net. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. He handed me an article on Internet addiction. I found the idea of being addicted to the internet amusing. Does this mean if I spend all my time reading instead, I will be addicted to books? I decided to read the article anyway.

Here are some of the addiction danger signs:

Do you think a lot about your online activities and anticipate the next online session?

Do you feel upset or moody when trying to control or stop your internet use?

Do you regularly stay online longer than you originally intended?

Do you use the internet as a way of escaping from problems?

Do you suffer sleep deprivation, time distortion, back strain, eyestrain or carpal tunnel syndrome from using the internet?

I'm sure I won't be alone in the blogging community when I say some of these points rang a few bells for me.

There was a 'what you can do' list at the end of the piece. One of the suggestions was to contact an online counselling service. I thought this suggestion was a bit like asking an alcoholic to attend an AA meeting in a pub. Yikes!

I decided to try a little experiment of my own. I set myself an allotment of time each day to be online and stuck to it. I don't think I was addicted to the net but I am happy to report I have cut down on my usage, I feel much better for it and I am doing much more reading and writing than I was.

Happy blogging my friends but don't spend too much time on here!


dickiebo said...

Good advice. Now we gotta do it!

Toadee said...

How ironic that I should turn up here because I feel I am neglecting you when I have been notably absent.
I used to spend so much time on the net and I enjoyed it but then I got a job, re-evaluated what i was doing, did so hard thinking and went through a fairly painful withdrawal.
I still spend a lot of time here but I can, if I really try, make the net fit around my life.

Missy said...

A lot of truth in those words kiddo. I've even honed down my writing. I do try to keep up with my blogs as that is where I write, but I never linger long once they are done. I've practically stopped writing on Helium, except the occasional Market Place offering and I do most of that writing off line and get on long enough to publish it.

To much of anything isn't good. Moderation is the key, I do enjoy being online I wont lie, but I realized I don't need as much as I thought I did in a given day.

Hugs to you. Keep smiling, keep reading and writing.

Nazish Rahman said...

Thanks Karen for this lovely n wonderful post!!
Some of these point rang a few bells for, a lot of bells!!!
I will definitely try the method u followed...n hope m too successful!!

Anonymous said...

So much sense here. I spend far too much time sitting here. Things will have to change. Now, what was the name of that internet dating site? Bugga! I'll have to sit here to use it. Think again Keith!

buffalodick said...

I never thought about it. Cheaper than heroin though....


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