Thursday, 18 February 2010


Our good friend DR JOHN passed away a couple of days ago after being ill for some time. I will miss his sense of humour, kindness, 55's and most of all...his pictures of Ella the elephant, which always made me giggle. In the last few sentences of his final post on Tuesday, he referred to his life as a soap opera which he would call - "Life Goes On Anyway". Very true, life does go on but you will be sadly missed.


Nazish Rahman said...

Thats sad...may his soul rest in peace!! Thats so true life goes on and every1 one day has to go!!!

Quilldancer said...

Dr. john was a special treasure. He began visiting my blog shortly after its inception 4 years ago.

Ella actually belongs to a blogger named Melli. Ella travels the globe visiting with bloggers -- which is how she came to be with Dr. John. She has also visited me and a dozen or so other people. Most recently Ella was in Ireland.


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