Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday Feel Good - Gotta Love That Organic Food

Here's my contribution to Friday Feel Good, which is hosted by my wonderful man - Whitesnake. Each Friday we will post something that gives us that feel good feeling. Pay Whitesnake a visit if you'd like to join in the fun.

Have a great weekend all.
Love KB

Our recipe today is Simply Delish Tomato Salad


Vidya Sury said...

:-) I love that poster.

Alice Audrey said...

I have a new friend who is entirely too taken with the organic ness of her food. Personally, I eat what I can.

ayala said...

Love the poster!

JJ said...

KB: Where's the beef? Just kidding. Organic food is terrific - and I also love the poster.

secret agent woman said...

Yep - wish it were a little less expensive, though!


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