Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cruelty Free Skin Care Products

Yay, I've finally found affordable, easily obtainable skin care products which are not tested on animals. When I first began my search after watching the Beagle Freedom Project Video, I didn't realise how expensive and difficult to obtain some of the products would be. Funnily enough, St Ives products were under my nose at the supermarket the whole time. I was already using the body cream but didn't realise it wasn't tested on animals because it was written in such small print. You'd think they'd want to tell the world that they didn't test on animals.

Thanks St Ives

My next mission is to do a research on the eggs we're buying. I was watching a programme the other day which showed how much farmers can get away with and still call their products 'free range'. Very interesting.

Love KB


Marja said...

Good on ya. We had our own chickens for a while. They were very free range. We still buy the cheap eggs sometimes. Yep I know but sometimes it just fits the bills better

KB said...

Marja - we want to have our own chickens too.

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