Sunday, 3 June 2018

I'm Back

Wow, it's been so long since I have posted and such a lot has happened!

In no particular order...

Our darling Coco passed away after a tough couple of years of illness.

I turned 50.

My retina detached but is back where it should be.

I was alcohol free for two months.

I lost 3 KG

I headed back to work after a ten year break.

Wow, that is a lot. I intend to post more frequently to this neglected blog and I've missed you guys.

Love KB


Julia said...

Hi KB, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you're back at blogging. It's a great way to journal what's happening in your world. I love to look back in my old post to see what happened or when something happened and it's a good reminder because my memory isn't that great.

You certainly did accomplish a lot and it's good to remind yourself of it.

It's starting to feel more like summer here and the cleaning from the flood continues.
Have a great week. Hugs, Julia

Keith's Ramblings said...

You really are back! Yea!Firstly, so sorry to hear about Coco. I know what a big part of your lives he was. A for going booze free for such a long time...words fail me! Give Steve a jab in the ribs from me!

BTW your blog doesn't allow comments from Wordpress which is why I posted this using my old Blogger address.

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Mari said...

Welcome back to blogging! I'm sorry about Coco - it's so hard to lose our furry friends. Good for you on the health journey!

KB said...

Thanks Keith, I'll fix that up right now.

Nancy Chan said...

So sorry about Coco. Good that you have made so much progress! I too need to cut down my weight!

Joyful said...

It has been awhile. Welcome back and thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry for the loss of your pet.

Mark Goodson said...

Sorry for your loss.

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