Tuesday, 29 October 2019

A beautiful morning in Weymouth

Whitesnake and I have decided to spend some time exploring our neighbourhood. We've lived in South Auckland for years but haven't visited as many local places as we would like. It's spring time here in New Zealand and quite wet recently so as soon as there was a sunny day, we hoped in the car and drove a short 10 minutes to Weymouth. A beach, some benches and a walkway awaited. Definitely will be visiting again.

Photo sources: KB

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Love KB


  1. Looks good Beautiful view! We often go exploring. My Favourite activity :)

  2. ah, yes, Spring. and we up here is US are heading into winter. suddenly I'm hungry for Spring.

  3. Hi, beautiful scenery. Have a nice week ahead. Regards.

  4. That's pretty. And funny synchronicty - we recently decided we need to put more effort into exploring our own neck of the woods.

  5. You have a beautiful place with beautiful view to enjoy.

  6. Lovely view of the mountains beyond the water! Exploring the neighborhood is a good thing...with a camera so you can share it with us especially!