Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend Walkabout

Welcome to Weekend Walkabout, a place to share and explore the different corners of our world.

I don't have any walkabout pics to share this week because I've been sick but I'd love to see yours.

Walkabout is a phrase which means to walk around and explore with no specific destination in mind. Have you been walkabout anywhere interesting this week? If so, post your story or pictures to your blog, leave a comment here and a link to your post on our Linky and Whitesnake or KB will come take a look. Don't forget to put a link to Weekend Walkabout so others can find us and join in the fun.

See you tomorrow
Love KB


sheila said...

Hope you feel better soon, it's going on what? 2 weeks now? Hey! Your walkabout could of been a couchabout and you could of showed us pics of your box of tissues or life outside your window. :)

Feel better KB!

Anonymous said...

Feel better! How sweet that Mr. made you some chicken soup.

stylishlady said...

Hi Karen i know just how you feel two weeks of sickness and still feeling sick hope Whitesnake looking after you okay.

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