Sunday, 8 January 2012

Keeping Up With KB - Resolutions

I can't believe we're one week into the new year already. It's been a busy week for us but a good  busy time.

I've made my resolutions, as I do every year. I'm pleased that some of the resolutions I made last year have stuck. I've given up coffee, we've started growing our own veggies  and I eat fruit and/or vegetables with most of my meals. Still working on the fitness, (as usual) and drinking less wine, (as usual) but I'm getting there.

As well as the old faithfuls (exercise, drinking), I've come up with a few new resolutions this year. I want to continue to grow more of my own veggies. It's been great to pop out the front door and pick lettuce,  tomatoes and fresh herbs. Now I know what I'm doing, I want to expand my horizons and grow different varieties of veggies.

Also, I want to purchase more cruelty free products. Whitesnake and I started buying free range eggs last year instead of caged hens eggs. They are more expensive but taste so much better. We'll continue with this and buy more free range food when we can.

Last month, after watching the beagle freedom project on utube,  I did some research on products that are tested on animals. I went through our cupboards and was shocked by the amount of products we had purchased that are tested on animals. Since then, I've been keeping an eye out for products that are not tested on animals. I'll continue to do this and replace as many brands as I can with cruelty free products. I'd like to do more but I guess every little we can do helps.

That reminds me of something which happened the other day. One of my facebook friends was having a go at us meat eaters, saying if we really loved animals, we wouldn't eat meat. I don't think I'd ever give up eating meat because I enjoy it so much but I don't see how that makes me hate animals. I know my friend wears makeup, takes medicine, cleans her house, washes her hair with products that are tested on animals. Just because someone doesn't eat meat, doesn't mean they love animals more than I do.  I love animals too, I just try to help them when I can, in different ways.  And, I don't have anything against people who don't eat animal products, in fact my sister is vegan and I admire her determination very much but don't preach to me about how much better you are than me just because you don't eat meat. Maybe if we all did our bit to help instead of blaming others, we could help the animals even more.

Righto, I feel much better for getting that off my chest. What are your resolutions for this year? Can you recommend any cruelty free products to me? I'm finding it especially hard to find hair care products that don't cost a fortune.  Every time I wash my hair I think of those poor bunnies having shampoo put in their eyes.

See you tomorrow
love KB


Marja said...

lol I always ask these people if they wear leather shoes and most of them do. I agree animals eat meat too and they aren't looked upon by animals who don't
Good on you on starting a vegie garden The lettuce looks great.

Whitesnake said...

Ok babe send them veggie terrorists ta me the low life scum eating up all our oxygen making plants and soaking up all our water supplies so they can have rice.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I have a lot of the same things I have started doing . Eating more fruits & veggies & also growing some of my own.My daughter is vegetarian & leaning more toward vegan everyday.
Here in America, We have Trader Joes & also Whole Foods stores . I shop mostly at Trader Joes , they have reasonably priced cruelty free hair products. Also Lucky Vitamin on the internet, Has a lot of reasonably priced organic & cruelty free products . But I don't know if any of this is available in New Zealand or what the shipping costs maybe.
I don't have any plan on giving up eating meat, but I mostly eat poultry & fish .
Your lettuce does look wonderful !

Brian Miller said...

mine is to savor each moment...

Mama Zen said...

I'm trying to get back on a regular yoga schedule!

KB said...

Some great resolutions here.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

All the best with keeping up your resolutions. Just calling by to say thankyou for your recent follow of I look forward to getting to know you during 2012.

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