Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dead pig for all

A couple of nights ago Whitesnake and I decided to treat ourselves to a feed of pork belly. YUM!

I prepared a potato and courgette soup for starters, which almost didn't happen as I forgot to turn the stove on.

Followed by our delicious pork belly (cooked by my talented husband).

A dear friend gave us a bottle of outstanding wine for a wedding pressie, which accompanied the pork beautifully. Thanks Andrea x

Whitesnake doesn't eat crackling (the best part in my opinion), so there was more for me!

I restrained myself by not eating all the crackling myself and gave a little to Coco.

A great night with good company and delicious food and wine. The downside of the night was that I am still the scribble bitch, Whitesnake kicked my arse AGAIN.

See you tomorrow.

Love KB


Whitesnake Whitesnake said...

The company was fantastic......xxxx

KB said...

Yes xxxx

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