Friday, 31 May 2013

Look what's cooking for dinner

Winter is rapidly approaching in New Zealand and the days are getting colder. Yesterday, we decided to take advantage of the cold weather by staying in, cranking up the heat and playing scrabble. I'm very competitive when participating in any form of indoor game, (probably to make up for the fact that I suck at outdoor sports), so when Whitesnake took the lead, I was not happy. Of course, we had to continue playing until I overtook him. This never happened. I won a couple of games but never caught up to him.  I had to acknowledge defeat and be named Whitesnake's Scrabble Bitch...until next time. Was lots of fun though.

Look what we're having for dinner...Whitesnake's going to cook it first, hehe. I'm preparing a soup for starters and we're opening a very special bottle of wine ( it was a Wedding pressie), to enjoy with our Pork Belly. Yum. I cannot wait.

Off to make soup preparations.

See you tomorrow.

Love KB

1 comment:

Whitesnake Whitesnake said...

Beautiful babe you are beautiful! XXXX

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