Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Poem : Racing in the moonlight

Hi all,

I haven't checked in for a while because life has been getting in the way, but all is good.  I'll leave you with a little poem and see you again soon.

Racing in the moonlight
Pic source : unknown
Across the silky sand
Two lovers laughing
Connected hand in hand

Placing a warm blanket
On the soft ground
Waves crashing nearby
For them the only sound

They cuddle close together
She’s safe in his strong arms
He promises to protect her
She’ll come to no harm

The pitter patter of rain drops
Feel cold on soft skin
They run back to the car
Begin warming themselves again

Love KB


Alice Audrey said...

Into each life a little rain must fall, eh? But the warming up is more than half the fun.

ayala said...

Sweet and nice to see you again :)

Marja said...

Beautiful touching poem

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