Sunday, 16 August 2015

New Zealand's Men In Black

Good afternoon my friends,

Feeling good today, I’ve just watched Australia and New Zealand compete in an exciting game of Rugby for the Bledisloe Cup. Australia and New Zealand compete once a year for the cup and our Men In Black (All Blacks) will retain the cup for another year.   

Speaking of our Men In Black, I’ll share below Air New Zealand’s Safety Video featuring some of the All Blacks. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

Love KB


Elephant's Child said...

Loved the video. Rugby? It is probably unOrstrayan of me, but I don't care. And didn't even realise there was a game on.

Brian Miller said...

Been forever since I have seen a rugby match.
Best of luck in it.

I am still around - but tend to lurk more in the shadows.

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