Saturday, 23 January 2010


I want you to be happy
But only on my terms
Love consumes, suffocates
Feelings given, not returned

I need to understand you
Yet I choose what I hear
Your half of our story
Makes mine disappear

Loved ones misunderstanding
Judgements adding to their strength
Who really needs the truth?
Life's easier with pretence

They try to bring me down
I leave their troubles at the door
Contentment settles over me
Home sweet home once more


Whitesnake said...

Shimmer and shaking, anticipating, I'm coming home.

Beautifully put babe.

Missy said...

It's always best to leave things on the doormat and not bring them into your place of peace and contentment.

Have a wonderful day today kiddo. Mine is about to wind down. It's past midnight now.

Love you.

KB said...

Whitesnake - It's always a pleasure to come home to you.

KB said...

Missy - Why up so late?
Love you too.

Toadee said...

as usual you illustrate feelings so well and remind me that there is a better way to lead my life :0)

KB said...

Toadee - You'll get there hun.


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