Friday, 18 June 2010

Living With Whitesnake

Whitesnake  and I have enjoyed our couple of days off. My parents introduced us to a new restaurant called Oceans  a few weeks ago. We enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and location. Unfortunately, it was pouring down with rain so we couldn't really appreciate the scenery. The sun was shining on one of our days off so we decided to head back there and enjoy the view. 

I headed to the hairdressers the next day. Spent two hours catching up on the goss from the hairdresser and being pampered. Came home to find the dinner prepared, the housework done and the washing on the line. Isn't my man wonderful! That gave me the afternoon to relax and start a new book - Song of Susannah (The Dark Tower, Book 6), I'm already 200 pages in,hehe.

Steve has ten days off starting from Monday, woohoo! I can hardly wait.

Later gators


Missy said...

Woot woot. Sounds like y'all are having fun and the pics are gorgeous mind you. Enjoy your reprieves.

I took Joshua and a friend swimming over at my friends house. Had Taco Salad and got sunburned. OUCHIE!!!

Came home and watched the new Alice in Wonderland and Wolverine. I liked them both, but Wolverine I enjoy more,except for all the gory stuff. Helped me to understand about Wolverine though.

Catch ya later. (((Hugs)))

Whitesnake said...

Nothing is too much trouble for such a beauiful woman such as you........ xxxx

KB said...

Missy - Sounds like you've been having fun. Good for you :)

Steve - You say the sweetest things xxxx


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