Sunday, 9 September 2012

I Hear Wedding Bells

It's official - Whitesnake and I are engaged!

Photo source : KB's Room

One morning last month, Whitesnake informed me he had written a poem. There was nothing unusual in this so I told him I'd read it when I was online later. A little while later, he asked me again if I'd read it. I thought to myself that it must be a good one so I went to the computer to have a look. After reading the first couple of lines, I jumped up and said," Yes!" We were intending to keep this news between us until we told my parents but that wasn't to be.

Whitesnake and I post our poetry to the Helium writing site and a little while later, Whitesnake recieved an email from one of the Helium channel managers saying how wonderful his poem was and if she could share our story with Helium. We agreed and our story was posted to the Helium blog.

We attempted to inform my parents face-to-face a couple of times since then but couldn't due to illness and holidays. Finally, we could wait no more, we visited my parents this morning and shared our happy news.

Photo source : KB's Room

Love KB


Melissa Bickel said...

I am so happy for you two and I'm all teary-eyed. Y'all have been through so much and came out strong.


JJ said...

All my best to both of you.

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