Sunday, 21 April 2013

Settling In

Another beautiful day in Glenelg. After a delicious breakfast at a local cafe, we crossed the road to board the tram. I've never been on a tram before, the seats were a little small and hard but the scenery was nice. We had almost come to the end of our journey when an announcement informed us of a delay. An offer was made to disembark to walk or bus the rest of the way but we decided to wait it out. Ten minutes later, we were on our way again passing the people who had elected to walk or wait fot the bus. I guess we made the right choice.

We arrive at Central Markets a short while later, buying some yummy treats for afternoon tea. Notice the name of one of the stalls?

Headed back to the Motel for a walk around the Marina and beach.

Back at the motel, Whitesnake received a message from one of his daughters asking if we were free for a visit. Once she had arrived, we headed to the pub for a snack and a couple of drinks. Was so lovely to meet her and her partner, I felt like I already knew her from our interactions on facebook but it was lovely to be able to meet her face to face.

Managed to stay up till eight o'clock, lol.

More pics tomorrow.

Love KB


Marja said...

What a beautiful place. you must have a fantastic time and even more to meet up with family. Enjoy the rest of your stay you two

JJ said...

Wow! It is beautiful. Enjoy!

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