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Under The Dome by Stephen King

According to the author’s note at the end of Under The Dome, Stephen King explains, ‘I tried to write a book that would keep the pedal consistently to the metal.’ He certainly wasn’t joking. 

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Under the Dome was published in 2009. King first attempted to tell this story in 1976 but he only managed about 75 pages in a couple of weeks. He explains, ‘I crept away from it with my tail between my legs.’ King didn’t abandon the story because of the enormous cast of characters, but due to the technical problems the story presented. He tackled it again in 2007, with the help of Russ Dorr as head of research. Russ had previously helped him on The Stand and several other books. 

Under the Dome is set in a small town in Maine (as are several of King’s books). Chester’s Mill is an average town, going about its business as usual when an invisible barrier descends over it. The residents aren’t completely cut off from the outside world, but nobody can leave or enter the town. This situation brings out the best and worst in certain townspeople and pinpoints what some individuals will do when total power is obtained and threat of punishment is no longer an issue. 
A battle for power between good and evil ensues. The good guys are led by former Army Captain Dale ‘Barbie’ Barbara who was intending to leave town on the day of the dome’s appearance. His main ally is Julia Shumway, editor of the local paper. Barbie reluctantly takes on the role of government liaison to Colonel James Cox. Cox is trying to keep the town under control from outside the dome. Barbie is also given authority over the township by The President. 
‘Big Jim’ Rennie has other ideas. Rennie is a used car salesman and the Second Selectman of the town. After the First Selectman dies, Big Jim sees an opportunity to take over the town for himself.  Consequently, he appoints his son and his son’s friends as police and uses them to help him control the residents of Chester’s Mill. 
As this battle between the two continues, the rest of the townspeople begin to take sides. Unfortunately, due to the stress of the situation and dwindling resources, the majority of residents go along with what is happening out of blind fear. Meanwhile, something strange is happening to the children of Chester’s Mill. 
Under the Dome is an epic page-turner. It’s not the usual Stephen King horror story, the horror here isn’t in the gory details, but in how far regular people will go in order to survive and protect what they believe in.     


Christine said...

sounds scary anyway...I am a chicken, avoid his books.

Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Have never read King because I dislike gory horror .... psychological I might be able to handle.
Happy New Year.

Nancy Chan said...

Scary to think that people got go to such an extend for power and control. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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