About Me

I'm taking part in the 30 days about me challenge. Here you will learn some useful and fun things about me.

Here's the 30 day challenge

1.  Pic and 15 interesting things you may not know about me.  

2.  The meaning behind my blog name.

3.  Pics and a  ramble about friends

4.  Bad Habits

5.  Pics of beautiful NZ, my local beach

6.   My hero

7.   My Gran

8.   Short term goals

9.   Why I'm Proud Of Me

10.  KB and Whitesnakes Summer Rain

11. Slideshow of me and my friends

12. Why I blog

13.  A letter to nobody

14.  Pics of me and my family

15.  Music I enjoy

16.  Me again

17. Being Whitesnake

18. My hopes and dreams

19. What's In A Name

20. Wedding Bells

21. My Happy Place

22. What makes me different from everyone else

23. What I crave a lot of

24.  Letters to my parents

25. What's in my bag

26. What I think of my friends

27. Why I'm doing this challenge

28. Pictures of me

29. What I've learned

30. My favourite song

That's all from me for now. Pop in any time, comments left with kindness and love are always welcome.

Love KB

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