Sunday, 9 December 2007


It’s been a year since I gave up work and I feel like I’ve been on holiday ever since. Where has the time gone?

Hubby and I decided it was time for me to stop working because I was missing out on travelling the world with him. Thought I may as well take the opportunity to travel now while I’m still young.

I’ve been lucky to go on five overseas trips this year. I’ve taken a cruise (something I’ve always dreamed of), visited Hong Kong for the first time and re-visited some old favourites. I haven’t missed working but I occasionally miss the people; usually when hubby is away on his travels.

Thinking back, I was surprised by the fact I didn’t know most of you a year ago. Bizarre really as I consider some of the people I’ve met through Helium and Blogspot my dearest friends.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Toadee. He’s the friend who introduced me to Helium, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t know any of you. Feel free to thank or slap him for that, LOL.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your support, kind words, laughter, friendship and sharing your blog thoughts with me.

Love you all, well most of you, hehe. Here’s to many more years of friendship and laughter.



  1. I know exactly how you feel! I starting blogging long before an advert for Helium popped up on my screen. When I first joined hardly any of our present ring of bloggers had sites. And now look at us!

  2. Must look at your helium one day. For now blogging is enough. Few of my family members have the travel bug. My mum went all around the globe and my brother has a family now but he backpacked for one and a half year. I am going to Holland in 2009 so have to wait a little.

  3. and what a year it's been!

    I guess we've all had big changes (good and bad) but we're still here, you making us feel jealous of your travels, amusing us with your comments and impressing us with your photography. Me quietly spamming.

    I would like to return your thanks with interest because i seem to remember that it was you who told me to get me a blog and get writing. Who's sorry now ;)

    I've always loved to write but your encoutagement has made the difficult spells better and I really believe I am a much more polished because you told me to keep at it.

    *raises a bucket*

    here's to friendship and all who sail in her

  4. You're right -- that is BIZARRE that you are friends with us.

    I love you and miss you when you leave the country -- but I don't blame you one bit for taking advantage of the very fortunate situation you are in you lucky ducky girl.

  5. I went on my first cruise in June of this year, went to Hawaii for 16 days and loved every second, went with my best girlfriend, I LOVE to travel!!!!!!!

  6. Surprising how much we get to know one another via our blogs. Here's to the next year, gal! Cheers.
    PS. I got that last bit "....well most of them.....". I'm sorry, but it's not my fault if Henry's boys didn't quite make it again.

  7. Keith - Yeah, it's fantastic isn't it! I've had a blog on another site for a few years but I prefer this one. I think because most of the people I know on blogspot are writers, it makes for an interesting read. I've never considered myself much of a writer, I love to tell stories but my grammer leaves a lot to be desired. Reading my fellow bloggers work is helping me heaps.

  8. Marja - I'm finding I return to helium less and less because blogging takes up most of my internet time. I must visit Holand, looks like a beautiful country.

  9. ((((((((Toadee)))))))))

    Feels like an age ago doesn't it? No need to thank me, I've always enjoyed the writing you have shared with me. Keep up the good work and the polishing.

    *fills up bucket*

    Cheers my friend.

  10. Morgy - Tres bizarre indeed. Love you too girlie.

  11. lw - I'm planning a cruise in Alaska next year..woohoo

  12. dickiebo - I didn't mean you, I wuv you but I still balme you for the World Cup. I just know you had something to do with it!

  13. Just hop along again. Is it in Auckland also so hot? Pfffffff

  14. NOt too bad Marja but really humid, my hair has started to frizz, hehe

  15. Karen I think about Phil who truly gave us each a shove to become friends, even though I first met you on Helium and had shared a few thoughts with you, I don't know if you even remember that lol, but I think what a wonderful day that was that me a lonely mom needing a friend and you a lonely wife needing a friend were introduced by a mutual friend and now I consider you one of my dearest of friends even though thousands of miles seperate us lol. Kindred Spirits maybe or sitting on the beach watching the Rugby men work out in the nude *did I say that out loud* lol pass me another glass of white wine please.

  16. Ah yes, the naked rugby players...who would have thought such innocent comments would be deleted from Helium, LOL, and us such angels.

    I really must thank Phil again for introducing us properly. That's if I can get a word in!

    Love ya Missy xxx

  17. You have great plans; a cruise looks wonderful.
    I hope with : I love you all (most of them) that I belong to the ones you love.

    I like you very much, you are a great friend and I hope you keep posting and telling about your beautiful travels.

  18. I was only joking Erik, I love you all.

  19. Cheers chickie I love ya too. You always make me laugh. So here is a hug to Toadee for introducing you to Helium. Cheers many more years to come.