Friday, 15 May 2009

Life's Uncertainties

We all have uncertainties in our lives. We need these - they are one of the fundamental human requirements, according to leading psychologists.
Listed in order of priority, these are:

Variety (uncertainty)
Love and/or Connection

Truly fulfilled individuals can also achieve the following, but only if the first four conditions are met in their lives. These are the so-called spiritual needs:


Even if we feel we have all these, sometimes events conspire to rob us of all. We are left with only Uncertainty (Variety).

Here is a poem I wrote when I was at rock bottom.

A Vampyre

It is night. The small hours. Alone again, sadly.
Your presence I feel, the rise and fall of your chest,
your beating heart, your warmth.
A face of beauty I see, to make the soul sing.
"You are mine!" I cry. But it is not to be,
for the present time, or maybe never again.
Do I have a soul? Or has it been taken?
A love forever, or a love forsaken?
The small hours allow me to dream
Of wonderful years past, but future - bleak?
"Are you my future?" I have to ask, without speaking,
For fear my question will be answered.
Without you, dead eyes, dead mind, dead heart, dead soul.
A Vampyre.


  1. so true...but its what makes life so interesting and adventurous!!!

  2. Y'all have fun!! Love the thoughts and enjoyed the poem.

  3. Life's uncertainties are exactly what makes it worth living!

    Great Poem!

  4. wow that poem was powerful.

  5. I think I have been there before. D

  6. life would be so boring without some variety and I even believe that includes our moods. Hope your hols are good fun :-)

  7. uncertainity at its best there KB. I could feel the pain and emotion in this piece. I hope you and the hubby have an awesome holiday. Hugs to you