Sunday, 3 May 2009



G and her fella were packing up Big Red (as G affectionately named her Dad's car) yesterday, ready for the next stage of their travels. I had a hard time keeping Coco out of it - she luuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvs road trips. Last time I heard, they had a couple of hours to kill before boarding the ferry to Wellington. They decided to hole up in Bed Red with a yummy takeaway and a DVD. Oh to be a kid again. The house sure is quiet without them.



Another shot from our road trip around New Zealand. Many of the roads in the South Island are similar to this one - not a soul in sight, nothing but the road and stunning scenery. Not the best of places to get a flat tyre - which we did.


This week's prompt for SS is confession.


My name is KB and I have a CONFESSION to make - I'm a reality TV addict. It's been 24hours since I last viewed. Hehe!

I luuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvv reality TV. I would sit and watch it for hours if I could. Even if I think it's ridiculous, the voyeur in me is fascinated by being able to view strangers lives.

New Zealand has recently begun screening the spin off to America's NTM. I sat in front of the telly excitedly anticipating the first episode. I was definitely entertained but not in the way the producers would have intended me thinks. I laughed so much I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Let me give you some examples of what you are missing...

A couple of the stick figures (models), are actually quite beautiful...until they open their mouths. After I heard them talk I ran in search of hubby, begging him to tell me that my accent wasn't like theirs.

The first episode entailed much screaming. These girls scream at the drop of a hat. They screamed when they found out they were in the top 13, when they learned they would be travelling to Auckland ( how exotic), when they received their prizes of clothes from Max ( not exactly high fashion).

The show is hosted by Sara. I cringed each time she asked the question,
Who will be New Zealand's first, next top model? What on earth was she trying to say? LMAO! I held my breathe as the models received their first Sara Mail message and let out a huge sigh of relief when it was confirmed they could actually read.

One of the earlier photo shoots was held in the snow. Yikes, how cruel making girls with no meat on their bones, stand half naked in the cold, while people throw snow at them. It seemed the more snow that covered their faces, the more chance they had of winning.

I was horrified when one of the photographers informed a perfectly natural looking 16year old that she could do with losing some weight. During the same episode many of the girls discussed the fact they had put on weight since they had been on the show. I was astounded...where had they put on this weight? On their hair from too many conditioning treatments? Goodness me, I was afraid if the girls stood on the deck at the wrong angle, they would fall down the holes. The producers came to the rescue, delivering gym equipment to the models' door.

My favourite contestant is Teryl Leigh (I think that's how it's spelt), not because of the way she looks but because I love hearing people say her name in that Kiwi twang. It sounds a bit like...Tyralllllllllll - loooy. Every time I hear it, I giggle uncontrollably.

To be fair, not all the contestants are as thick as two short planks and a couple of them are quite stunning. I just hope the programme isn't sold overseas. Viewers will believe NZ is full of malnourished, baby producing girls who can't speak proper English like what I do, hehe.

Nevertheless, I'll be watching again on Friday. Somebody stop me!

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Have a fun day/night.

Love KB


  1. My favorite reality show is the Biggest Loser... then next is the Deadliest Catch. I have this morbid curiosity of the Bering Sea :)

    Other than that I can't stand reality shows as I don't like all the screeching lol...

    Too I just get to dang embarrassed at their behavior sometimes, like I will ever see them woot.

  2. Oh, I haven't seen the Deadliest Catch.

  3. I too love the deadliest catch. What a great show. but i do love Hells Kitchen and iron Chef. Anything "cooking." lmao You should have guessed that KB. Hugss Darrel

  4. D - I am not surprised at all. I luvvvvvvvv Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen and F Word. No wonder I'm always hungry.

  5. OOOH! My dog loves car rides too! Our favorite places to go are the beach (which is a good 2 hour ride) or the Jollibee drive-thru window!

  6. How fun that Coco is such a road tripper!

  7. Ria -what on earth is the jolly drive threw thingy>

    Marie - She even jumps in the car when I drive down our long drive way to put the rubbish out.

  8. I like Bigger Loser but reality tv wanes for me. Got a good laugh reading your post though. Thanks.

  9. i like the scenic sunday post you have here

  10. I remember the empty roads. When we visited Nz South Island we couldn't get used to the fact you could rive all day and only see a handful of cars. We loved it and the scenery was just fabulous.
    Reality TV ........ugh.

  11. I go for the scenic photo you posted here. NZ has so much beauty to offer to the world. I prefer the dairy though.

  12. Beautiful, dumb-as-a-stone people are not exclusive to one country...we all got 'em!

  13. You captured that s[pirit for sure Sandy

  14. Hah ... just realised you were a Kiwi !! :-)

    So am I, but currently living in the US.

    Hehehe ... we used to have a cat that did that, when we were living in Matamata. We were going to the beach at Mt Manganui, once ... and she crawled out from under the seat, once we were on the other side of the kiamais and too far away from home to take her back . :-)

    BTW ... the Jollibee is a fast food chain of restaurants, in the Phillipines.

  15. Is this your "chauffeur" ?? very cute !

  16. "Figers", KB??? Please tell me this is deliberate.

  17. Enjoyed reading this - A friend's kid was on 'The Bachelor' and I was assigned to record it on CD. Later I learned that it's all heavily scripted and rehearsed, so much for reality tv...

  18. Thank you all for stopping by, I enjoyed reading your comments.

    M - Thanks, it's fixed.

  19. I wish they had a reality show called...Who's Got The Prettiest Feet!

  20. Enjoyed the read. Hate reality shows though.

  21. Nice to see you MD.

    BUt G, you'd be the only one watching :)

  22. well I guess when Hubby is away and the girls are gone you have to fill the spaces between bottles with something so why not a few model wanna-bes (Perhaps I should try it, filling my time with them not being one!)

    Whatever we think of reality t.v it IS entertaining and more importantly it makes me thankful for who I am.

  23. Toadee the wannabe model :)

  24. something wrong with that? lol

  25. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!