Tuesday, 12 May 2009


After noticing a huge decline in the number of books I read last year, I've decided to keep a tally here of books I've read, hoping it will inspire to read more. I'll be reviewing my favourite reads on a monthly basis.

As a member of, I share books I've read with friends, rather than leave them on my shelves to gather dust. I leave my books in public places, send them to friends or give them to charity. If there is a book listed which you are interested in reading, drop me a note and depending on availability, I'll see what I can do. I'd rather give a much loved book to someone I know who'd read it than leave it somewhere on the off chance a stranger will pick it up.


Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner - Kerre Woodham

When radio personality and columnist Kerre Woodham found herself fat, forty and depressed, she had two choices:

Do nothing and not make fifty.
Do something to get her life back.

I couldn't put this book down. Kerre had me LOL page after page. She writes about her journey from overweight party girl to completing the New York Marathon. There's hope for me yet, hehe.

Here's a sample from her story:

There you are, planning a quiet Wednesday evening in with the kids while your husband is away on business and a friend drops round on the way home from work. A couple of hours later, you've got Bryan Adams on at full blast, you're dancing round the living room, you've sent the oldest child out for McDonald's and the two of you have even polished off the bottle of creme de menthe that's been sitting in the booze cupboard for the last ten years. A night like that is never planned, and is certainly not wanted, but when the Piss Fairy sprinkles his dust, you're goners. So I'm constantly battling the Piss Fairy. He took the first decade of my adult years,I won back seven - and now we've reached an uneasy truce.


  1. You are far far from being an overweight party girl..

    You are hardly overweight....

  2. Karen, I know your love affair with running lol!!! I'm sure you could run a marathon anytime. Maybe a wine glass held up in front of you the whole time would motivate running hmmmm. Maybe I should try that lol.

  3. I ran two half marathons, and two 25K races when I was younger... the parts wore out! I miss it- greatly reduced stress, and weight control were wonderful benefits.

  4. Maybe there's hope for me, too!

  5. Thats such a nice thing ya...this thing never came to my!!!

    U r absolutely right that its better to share books that are read with friends, rather than leave them on my shelves to gather dust.

    Currently m reading Conversation with God by neale donald walsch !!!

    nice blog....take care !!!!

  6. It seems likre an interesting book but not my kind of read. I need fantasy or mystery.

  7. I have a new post on my blog, you might want to check it out.

  8. G - Party girl...yes.

    Missy - Always easier to run if there's a pub at the end.

    Buff - Why did you stop?

    Mama - There's always hope.

    Nazish - Thanks for stopping by and happy reading to you.

    Dr John - I also enjoy those books.

    Patti - On my way.