Thursday, 20 May 2010


Steve and I recently went away for a night, as a belated birthday celebration. We had a great time, as the pics will show. Perhaps I should have checked with Steve before I posted the bath shot, hehe!



Melissa Russell said...

looks like a gorgeous place. Urmmmm it's a real man who takes a bubble bath :) PLTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

Love the shot of the ocean in the back ground.

KB said...

We don't have a bath at our place so we took full advantage.

It sure was a beautiful setting and the sun was shining too. Not bad for winter time.

KB said...

Missy - that response was in regard to your comment which appears to have vanished. Maybe it will reappear :)

Whitesnake said...

I'm forever blowing bubbles comes ta mind!

NR said...

hey lovely pics ya....n specially Steve's one with the "No Smoking" banner...heheheh!!! Why no smoking ya!!!

Karen u r looking great in the pics...u both look good together :))!!

KB said...

Steve - out your arse?

Naz - No smoking in the room but I thought it would make a funny pic.
Thanks for your kind words :)

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