Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Quiet Time

Rush in the door, turn on the kettle, switch on the telly for the morning's news, log onto facebook to see what everyone's been up to. Sound familiar? No wonder we feel stressed and as if we're always playing catch up. I watched an episode on Oprah regarding this very topic. She took this brave family and asked them to give up TV, Internet, mobile phones and all other media sources for a week. The change in the family was extraordinary. They became much more connected and calmer with each other.

I decided to do a little experiment of my own. The thought of giving up Internet AND my mobile gave me heart palpitations so I decided to cut down on them instead. First thing I do in the morning is drive Steve to work. When I arrive I home, I make myself a cuppa, hop back into bed and spend a whole hour with myself. I'm actually much better company than I thought. I usually read or write in my journal.

I've decided to continue doing this. It's wonderful to start the day on MY terms instead of being influenced by other people's opinions and moods. I begin the day in a positive frame of mind,  making it easier to deal with outside negative influences. It's actually quite a relief to let the depressing news and grumpy emails go. They'll still be there later in the day.

I wouldn't give up my mobile phone because it's the only contact I have with Steve while he's at work but this experiment has seriously made me think about what I'm reading, watching etc and how much of it I really need in my day. Perhaps I'll try giving up TV or Internet for a week and see what happens. What about you guys? What could you quite easily do without?

P.S. Don't give up the Internet until you've replied to my post, hehe!

Love ya


  1. I think we do most of that any way babe slowly giving up TV and the net for a ya babe xxxx

  2. I suppose I could but way back on my computer time. I do work from the computer so I could set time specifically for working. That would free up a lot of time for Joshua and helping him with stuff. Too I need to be more productive around the house.

    So this week. I"m going to work on less computer time and having more time with my son.

    With that I'm off to tuck him in and see how his day went.

    Thanks Karen. I needed that.


  3. WS - Yeah we do when you are home. I was really talking about what I do after I drop ya at work :)

    Missy - I'm so glad to hear it.