Sunday, 1 August 2010

KB's Bookshelf

Quote For The Day

Any time of the day is perfect for reading. Any place. Any excuse. Reading is the last refuge for addictive personalities; there are no bad side effects from reading too much.
-Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy

Books Read Last Month

8. The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower, Book 7)

Yay, I've finally finished the whole series. I remember the first time I finished  it, I was disappointed in the ending. I thought maybe this time, as I'd read each book in succession, the ending may have meant more but alas no. Still a crackin good read! Time for something different. 

KB's World

I've been under the weather the past few days. Steve has been an angel, he's been cooking my meals, making me hot drinks, grocery shopping, you name it, he's been doing it. Unfortunately, just as I'm feeling better, he's starting to cough and sneeze. Looks like I'll be playing nurse for the next few days.

Apart from that, things have been going well. I had a call last night from a friend I haven't been in touch with for ages. It was really good to hear from her and fill her in on everything that's happened recently. It's wonderful to know that not everyone who knew hubby and I as a couple, is against me :)

Can't believe it's a new month already. I set myself some health goals last month and surprise, surprise, didn't stick to them. Oh well, new month, fresh start and all that.

That's all folks,

Back to my book. I've almost finished another one - one of the wonderful things about being ill, more reading time!

Bye for now
Love KB

Coming Up...probably more from the bookshelf :)


Whitesnake said...

It was a pleasure looking after you hun. xxxx

Missy said...

You know, I'm wondering where those glasses will come up next. They've been absent for awhile yet.

Is your weather getting warmer? Ours is getting hotter and hotter. It was a 104 yesterday without the heat index included.

Nazish Rahman said...

thats great..:)

KB said...

Steve - Thanks again love xxxx

Missy - Dad will bring them out again soon. It's getting warmer but we still have a lot of rain.

Thanks Naz.


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