Thursday, 26 August 2010

Walkabout Wednesday

Welcome to Walkabout Wednesday. I held a readers' poll recently and many people said they would like to see more of my pics of New Zealand. I'll be sharing pics and stories from my corner of the world on Wednesdays and hope you will do the same. Have you been walkabout this week? If so, leave your details here and I'll pay you a visit.

Whitesnake discovered a walking track which is near our house. He's taken Coco there often, I thought it was about time I tried it out. It's the perfect length for a daily walk and includes uphill and downhill. I felt a little out of breath on parts of the track, not so bad that I couldn't talk (so it's all good). I thought I was doing quite well until Steve informed me he usually runs up there with Coco. I was not impressed with myself. Not to matter, I'll be running up there after him in no time, hehe.

Do you have any photos to share from your corner of the world?
Have a great day.

Today I am grateful beautiful country.

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Love KB


Toadee said...

you really should be paid by the NZ tourist industry :)
I love your photos (although I'm sure I voted for the shower shots!)

Me thinks your lack ambition, it's not about running up the hill after Steve it's about him having to run up after you ;)

KB said...

I wish they would pay me. Shower shots weren't an option.

He would catch me soooo fast.

Nessa said...

Wonderful pictures. That is such a great walking place. Pretty.

Brian Miller said...

those are some beautiful pics....we love to go walking and find trails often...

KB said...

Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the pics.

Whitesnake said...

Lovely babe..xxxx

Tear Drop said...

Lovely pix of a beautiful, green, and serene space. Perfect for strolling leisurely or running in slow-mo! :)

KB said...

Love you Mr Snake xxxx

Thanks for stopping by, Teardrop.

Missy said...

Goodness I love your country, so pretty. Spring must be around the corner for you.

I think it's fantastic you and Steve take these moments for yourself. It's fun, healthy and just good to be together.

Love ya sweetie

KB said...

(((Missy)) It's getting a little warmer now so Sprin can't be far away.

Love you too hun


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