Monday, 4 July 2011

My Happy Place

I'm taking part in the 30 days about me challenge. Here you will learn some interesting and fun things about me.

Here's the 30 day challenge

day 21- a picture of something that makes me happy

Whitesnake and Coco dancing
See you tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday.

Love KB


Missy said...

we're having hundred plus weather here, and who'd have thought a mere four months ago I was complaining about the cold!!! Yikes where did the inbetween weather go?

Your happy place looks nice!!!

secret agent woman said...

It's good to know what makes you happy.

Whitesnake said...

Just being with you is my happy place.........xxxx

Marja said...

lol cool picture

Magdalen Islands said...

I can understand why a dancing Whitesnake and coco would make you happy, lol.

Alice Audrey said...

You've got me smiling with that.

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