Thursday, 16 May 2013

10 ideas for fun dates on a budget

Fun dates don’t have to break the budget. With a little planning and imagination, there are many ways to entertain each other without spending a lot of money.

1. Visit each others childhood neighbourhoods.

Checking out old schools, homes and hang outs is a great way to reconnect to the past and sharing the experience with a date is a fun way to learn more about each other.

2. Sightsee

Many people live in a town without knowing much about it and save their sightseeing for when away on holiday. Pick up a visitor’s guide and visit local tourist attractions. It’s fun to explore together and in some areas cheaper or free for locals.

3. Be creative

Draw a portrait, write a poem or love letter for each other. Listen to romantic music, open a bottle of wine and stare into each others eyes for inspiration. This will result in a beautiful drawing or poem to cherish or outbursts of laughter at your lack of creativity, either way, a fun time.

4. Walk hand in hand

Walking along a sun soaked beach, taking a moonlit stroll or an energetic hike are wonderful ways to improve health and romance. Take a camera along to record images of the day to relive the moments over and over again.

5. Share a picnic

A picnic is enjoyable indoors or outdoors. Sharing food together is a fabulous way to connect and have fun. A picnic doesn’t need to be extravagant.

6. Cook favourite meals

Lean each others favourite meals and cook them together or for each other. Set the table, light a few candles, burn essential oils and share the meals when the cooking is finished.

7. Visit a psychic

Lots of fun for believers or non believers alike.

8.Take a class together

There are so many fun classes available these days, check out local community centres and schools to find something to suit both tastes.

9. Host a potluck dinner and invite a few friends.

A good time will be had by all with as little or as much cost as the diners prefer.

10. Take in a dress rehearsal

Many theatres open dress rehearsals to the public. A great time at a fraction of the cost of the feature play/musical.

There are so many fun, inexpensive ways to go on a date. Often, the best dates are the ones that cost less money but have more thought put into them. Try a few of these ideas and with a little imagination and creativity you’ll be coming up with more inspirational ideas in no time at all.
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