Thursday, 30 May 2013

Happy birthday, dear blog

My dear blog will be six years old on Sunday. It's hard to believe I wrote my first entry so long ago. We've been through a lot together; the break up of a fifteen year marriage, the break down of me (OK, make that the many breakdowns of me), a new romance, a different life, a divorce and a happy marriage.

Pic source : by Petr Kratochvil

She's always been there for me. I used to get so lonely when my ex was away for his job.  I'd write about my day and things that were on my mind to share online with perfect strangers who became great friends.

Since I've met Whitesnake, my dear blog has become rather neglected. Now when I have something to share or discuss, I do so with best friend, Whitesnake.

I do believe now that I am happy and settled, it's time to dust her off and start blogging every day again. I've missed my old friend.

Hmmm, now what to write about?

See you tomorrow.

Love KB


Whitesnake Whitesnake said...

Love it, Love you XXXX

ayala said...

Happy blog birthday! Many more good things to come :)

VM Sehy Photography said...

Happy birthday to your blog. It's good to have a best friend to share things with. I've been very busy helping out my husband, so my poor blog has also been a bit neglected as well.

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