Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I'm back.

Missed ya, except the following:


D - I'm only his second favourite blonde

Darlin - tried to sneak a post under the radar

Daniel - only posts once a week these days

Dickiebo - informs me his team is playing much better than mine

Erik - hasn't returned my umbrella

Jadey - types faster than me in the cafe

Keith - it's almost the end of the month and still no poem about ME

Little Wing - I miss my lil soul sista

Missy - constantly asks for help locating her brain and often her bra

Morgy - went to the booby convention without moi

Mutters - hates it when I use kisses instead of punctuation in text msgs

Phil - half cut sandwich

SEE - speechless

Steve - my blondness if rubbing off and I want it back

Toadee - wearing a suit, offering chocolate only to tell me he is a lesbian

P.S. I have decided to forgive Keith as he sent me chocolate and pics of naked men hiding behing their balls.

So now you know the way to my heart - chocolate and nudity. If I've missed you off the list it's because I don't know you well enough to cause you public humiliation YET. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!

P.P.S. Damn, this means I must also forgive Toadee and SEE for the fig leaf and bathtub incidents

Wow, I know some strange people but I love y'all really.



Unknown said...

Hi Karen,

Nice to see you back. I didn't give your umbrella back because I want that you return faster.

I can't miss you for a long time but I will give it back now if the weather is so terrible there.

The sun is in Belgium now; you travelled to the wrong place but you are back for your birthday next Friday.

Toadee said...

thank godness I still have my figleaf. A chap mver knows when it'll come in useful (and it's suprisingly comfortable under a suit).

Karen, you know I was only a lesbian until I clapped eyes on you hehe.

anyway, glad you're back

KB said...

Hi Erik,I am back for a little while but I seem to have misplaced my rain coat. Did you borrow that as well?

KB said...

Toadee - Still the same one? eek! Miss ya too hun and thanks for me pressie x

Anonymous said...

Your friends must be wondering what on earth I sent you! In the words of the Art Garfunkel song 'I only have balls for you' - footballs that is! A poem? About you? OK. Watch this space. Not THIS space of course - MY space. No, not MySpace, my blog. Oh, you know what I mean!

morgetron said...

KB -- You would've sooooo had so much fun with us. I tried to get Missy to come too, but it just didn't happen.

Some day I really really really really really really really want to meet the two of you in person and at the same time. We would make the universe split in half.

Interview time? YES?

KB said...

I loved it Keith, thank you xxx

Morgy - pencil me in for next year. I mean for the booby convention not the interview.

Interview next week? Yes?

Spoony Quine said...

` Yay! You're back!

KB said...

Yay, did ya miss me?

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