Saturday, 18 October 2008


It's almost time for Whitesnake to toddle off back to Australia. I've been lucky enough to catch up with him a few times while he's been in NZ. He's exactly as I imagined and has had me in stitches with his stories and jokes.

He came over to my place for dinner last week. He was staying in a motel about 15 mins from my place so I drove over there to pick him up. We had a great night. My dog usually barks when visitors arrive, I was surprised when she greeted Steve like he was one of her best buddies.



Our friend Laurie cooked a Seafood Gumbo - yum, yum. I wasn't able to drink much as I had to drive Steve back to his motel later so I settled in and watched the boys have a few too many. They were doing fine until hubby brought out the shot glasses.

Steve seemed to be having a great old time until he fell asleep in the car. When we arrived at the motel, he opened his car door and informed me he wasn't feeling very well. After fertilizing the bushes with his dinner, I managed to get him up two flights of stairs and into his bathroom. Being sick must have done him the world of good because he told me he was fine the next day. The same can't be said for the other two blokes.


When hubby is away, I often have dinner at Mum and Dad's place. There's a bit of a standng joke between Steve and I because whenever I visit my parents on a Friday they say we may as well have fish and chips. Mum assures me they only eat fish and chips when I come over. Anyway, when I told Mum that Steve was visiting, she asked me to invite him for dinner and of course, Steve thought it would amusing to visit on a Friday. Yes, we had fish and chips.

Steve arrived and kinda took over the place (which is his way) much to the amusement of my mother. He came bearing flowers, wine, beers and made a yummy salad. We had a few laughs and he fitted in well. I think my Mum wanted to keep him.

If you ever have the chance to catch up with Whitesnake...don't pass it up, he's a great guy. I'm gonna miss ya buddy.


  1. goodonya kiddo, sounds like it was a blast!!!!!

  2. ha ha looks like a great time was had by all! is that your husband passed out on the floor? LOL the videos were a hoot, too...was the foot for g's benefit? hehe

  3. Missy - Yeah, wish you'd been here girl.

    Ciara - Yes and yes!

  4. And there was I wondering if he would be able to cope with you lol

    sounds like much fun was had, does he owe you a visit now?

  5. hahahahaha...
    You kiwi's can drink can't you?
    At least he didn't ralph in the car!!

  6. Hehe! Well, I can drink for sure.

  7. You all had a great time then. Good for all of you.

    I kept being distracted by your NZ news on the right.

    Made great reading.

  8. I takethisopportunity to sincerely thank KB, Clark and Laurie for a wonderful evening. Many thanks ta her Mum and Dad for their hospitality.
    All I can say is I'll be backand the missus will be over to!

    Oh and can we do it again without the up chuck.
    love ya KB xxx

  9. You and the Mrs are welcome anytime.

    Love ya

  10. MD - I'm glad you like our news, I often forget it is there.

  11. Hi kb I see You guys had a great time . I love that rockstar video. Got all the entertainment at home food music and booz with the snake.
    Ka kite ano

  12. Oh looks like such a fun time. I think he needs to come and visit me. Hugs to you KB I have missed you too.

  13. What a ball you had! I only wish I could have been there as well. And what a fun post too. Great stuff.

  14. This is great stuff Karen!

    Glad to have found you!

    Make it a wonderful day.........I'm sure you will!


  15. Marja, Keith and Jadey - Next time you will have to come to the party too.

    Liquid - thanks for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed the post.