Monday, 22 March 2010


Steve and I have just finished sharing our first holiday together, everyone say....awwwwwww! We had a fantastic time but it went too fast. Typical! We spent our time off at home pottering around, dining out, shopping, catching up on much needed sleep and socialising. I've taken lots of pics (as usual), I'll upload them over the next few days. Here are a couple of us sharing a meal at our place with my parents.

I can't stop giggling because after looking at the pics, it appears we live in a shed. That's not the case...Steve likes to cook on the bbq in the garage.

Anyone would think Coco never gets fed, hehe!


2. The Dark Tower - Stephen King

I know it's only one book but it was a big one.


Toadee said...

glad you enjoyed yourselves :)
thosr pics made me feel quite hungry.

Magdalen Islands said...

Just look at that scrumpdillishous meal, toadie. You're right about it making us feel hungry.

Anonymous said...

I assume the meal nearest the camera is yours, and if my eyes don't deceive me that's a glass of WHITE wine sitting there!

KB said...

Glad you liked the look of our cooking.

Keith - You are quite correct. I've had to cut back on the red as it's been disagreeing with me (: I switch between the two now. NOt at the same time...well sometimes!

Peter Stone said...

Awwww indeed, LOL. And yeah, does look like you live in a shed. But I'm envious, wish my dark and dingy garage looked as nice as that. Our BBQ is buried beneath a dozen cartons of discarded stuff.
Great pics!

KB said...

Peter - Dust off that BBQ and cook up a storm.


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