Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cutting Back On Caffeine

30 days to a happier, healthier me - day 11

My plan is going really well, I'm doing the things I said I would most of the time so why do I feel like I'm failing? I updated my results yesterday and discovered I've lost half an inch off my waist, my resting heart rate has gone down and I've reduced my real age. The thing with me is I have no patience, I want results NOW. I expect to reverse 20 years of treating my body like crap in a few months. Life doesn't work that way KB, if I expect to wake up one morning and feel like I'm 20 years old again, I'm going to be disappointed. Righto, I feel better after that whinge. I will continue on and try to focus on the positive rather than the negative. If anyone feels like slapping me into shape...go ahead! Just kidding. I really do feel better already. Back to today's goal.

I used to be addicted to caffeine. The coffee machine was a few steps away from my desk at work and the coffee was free in those days. I'd get through half a dozen cups minimum a day. When I began suffering from anxiety my doctor suggest (along with other things) to cut back on the caffeine. If you've ever been a big coffee drinker like I was and tried to stop cold turkey, you'll understand it's no easy task. I literally had to go to bed for two days and the headache I had was the worst I'd ever had in my life. Anyway, as always, when I set myself a task...I follow through, it's my stubbornness you see. I cut back to one cup a day and it's been up and down over the years. I've decided to cut back to one again and luckily I don't drink too much of it these days. I'm also going to cut back my decaf coffee...I didn't realise decaf and the green tea I've been drinking has a small amount of caffeine too. I don't usually drink soda so I'll be fine there.

I did a little research, as I do and here are a few interesting things I discovered. Drinking over 250mg of caffeine per day (2-3 cups of filtered coffee) can lead to nervousness and high blood pressure. If you brew your cuppa for one minute instead of five, you halve the caffeine content from 80 to 40mg. It's advisable to cut back very slowly over a month to avoid headache, fatigue and depression...NO KIDDING!

Caffeine Chart

Per cup

instant coffee                66mg
percolated                    110mg
teabag - 5 min brew      46mg
teabag - 1 min brew      28mg
cocoa                            13mg 
decaf                             4mg

12 ounce can

Coca-Cola                    65mg
Dr Pepper                     61mg
Mountain Dew              55mg
Diet Coke                     49mg

Righto, that's all from me today. Off to enjoy a cup of lemon ginger tea.

See you tomorrow for more 30 days to a happier, healthier me.

Love KB


  1. I am so proud of you babe....xxxx

  2. Well, we are on this journey together so thank you for being a great health buddy.

  3. I was a huge coffee drinker, and I can identify with the headaches. I now drink tea, with only an occasional cup of coffee.

    And while you're at it, think of Whitesnake. Forget that "I want to be 20 years old again" stuff. My wife was on that kick about ten years ago and damn near killed me!

  4. Well shootypooty, I drink coffee all the time, I wake with it and go to bed with it. :(

    What you say is true though and especially the soda, A soda is made up of 3/4 sugar.. when seen in a glass it kind of makes u pucker in disgust.

  5. I know you do! You are the Coffee Queen. I'm going to stick to one cup a day for now :)

  6. i've been trying to cut back on caffeine for awhile now...i haven't been able to cut it out completely. i don't drink any other caffeinated beverage other than coca-cola or pepsi if coke isn't available. it makes me feel lousy after i drink it, but i haven't quite kicked the habit yet. i bet if i did, i'd feel 100x better.

  7. I read somewhere that caffeine is more addictive than cocaine but don't quote me on that, I can't remember where I read it :)

  8. I'm very impressed that you are being so stubbornly decisive! Thanks for the info on caffeine, at least I have cut down on it since moving to NZ. We only drink instant so it's a jump from what I had in the US.

  9. Karen, Coke used to be made with Cocaine LOL in the earlier days hahahaha.

    Coke is my flavor of choice too.

  10. I had a little headache this morning but nothing too major. I was tempted to have a coffee but settled for a small decaf instead. That seemed to do the trick so I'm quite pleased. Should be heaps better by tomorrow :)

  11. Wow, i never realized exactly how much caffeine i have been getting. I only drink coffee in the morning but i drink about 4 cups. I need to think about this.

  12. I think we all need to find what is best for each of us. One cup may be enough for one and four for someone else.