Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Go To Bed Earlier

30 days to a happier, healthier me - day 12

I can sleep ten hours a night, given the opportunity but that opportunity rarely presents itself. Especially at the moment as Whitesnake has to cover some later shifts and I pick him up when he's finished. I've been heading to bed anywhere from 10pm to 1am...eek and it really stuffs up the old body clock.

Anyway, we seem to getting back more in to a routine and we're planning on getting to bed a bit earlier and at a more regular time, so we can be up earlier in the mornings to go on our walks. It's the middle of Summer in New Zealand so the earlier we can get out the better, not only for us but for Coco.

See you tomorrow
Sweet dreams
Love KB

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  1. Well, good morning! :O) I stay up later in the summer too. But it's winter here now, so in bed by 10! Up at 530 (on purpose, lol)

  2. Yikes, I used to have to get up at six and that was way too early for me.

  3. I've been working on going to bed earlier, too. It's harder than it sounds!

  4. sleep well...close to sheila' bed at 11, up at 530...

  5. Getting up when it's dark makes me grumpy :)

  6. You can sleep when you're Dead!

  7. I'd rather sleep while I'm alive otherwise I get grumpy :)

  8. I actually slept until 8.30 over the weekend. that's late for me. i usually get up at 5.

  9. AHH yes early to bed...
    **nudge nudge wink wink say no more**

  10. Nessa - 5? Yikes!

    WS - no comment.