Saturday, 22 August 2009


I worked in the banking industry for 21 years. Most of the customers I dealt with were wonderful but every so often I would come into contact with an asshole. I've been sworn at, yelled at and ignored while still keeping a smile on my face. That's what I was there for - to serve the public.

I've been noticing a decline in the quality of customer service over the past year. Before Christmas, I encountered a couple of nurses who didn't treat me well. I needed to have several tests done, one of the tests required me to fast beforehand. I've had this test before and the nurse at the time said it would be OK to have coffee in the morning but no food.

Hubby accompanied me to the lab as I was a little nervous. The nurse asked it I'd eaten breakfast. I replied that I'd just had a coffee. She informed me I couldn't take the test and would have to come back tomorrow. Not what I needed to hear the day before Christmas Eve. She also informed me in front of the whole waiting area that I could do my urine sample at home. I was about to tell her where to stick her urine sample when hubby took hold of my hand and led me away.

I returned the next day with my sample. I dealt with a different nurse who was worse than the first. She chastised me for not filing out my details on the test tube. I informed her that if I did everything for her, she would be out of a job. Probably not the best words before she stuck a needle in my arm. She asked me if I had eaten but there was no mention of coffee.

I didn't receive my results until after Christmas because of the delay in taking the tests. So the outcome was always in the back of my mind during the holidays. What annoyed me the most (when I received my results) was the fact my cholesterol hadn't been tested and that was the test I had to fast for in the first place. I had to laugh or I would have cried.

At the time, I was worried for my health, stressed because of Christmas and hubby and I had many other problems we were working through. Giving good service can be a lot harder than you would imagine and I have had times when I have struggled to give it. I realise everyone has bad days but you can't take that out on your customers. It wouldn't have taken much effort for the ladies to have treated me better and shown a little compassion. Perhaps they should consider another profession.

Thankfully, my results came back fine. That's all the matters really.

P.S. I asked my Dr about the coffee and fasting thing. The nurse was indeed correct and even a little coffee can have an impact on the result. Still, consistency from the nurses would have made my experience with them much less stressful.


Melissa Russell said...

I worked in retail for awhile. It's was the worst job I ever had. I was an area manager, but we had to work cash register from time to time!!

OMG people are so rude especially around the holiday times. I feel for people who work the cash registers. They don't know what goes on in the store, they are there to check you out, but for some reason everyone takes their gripes and frustrations out on them.

I had one lady tell me that was what I was paid for. I looked at her and told her Lady, then I'm not paid enough. I walked off the job and never regretted it.

I so agree Customer service is necessary, but also it should be reciprocated. There is never a reason to be mean and ugly just because.


Marja said...

Sorry to hear that KB My friend would say I can't complain about the service because there isn't any. I had to go twice into hospital Once for a test and once to stay with my son for a week
and both times were horrible because the way they treated you.
They just add to the stress don't they

NR said...

U have to give them a second chance...i mean all the day the meet and assist people of all types and they are bound to do some mistakes. I guess here's where the HR has a big role to play...organization with good HRS culture rarely have these types of problems. These things but can b dangerous as far as medical is concerned.

U seem to b a really hot tempered person..:), how stupid of the nurse to ask u to bring your urine sample...hahah, u must have really felt awkward!!!

buffalodick said...

We have good, but costly health care... The bank I deal with is more concerned about themselves, instead of the customer..

Swatantra said...


Nice story on the blogger head.. liked your blog. would like to visit again!! Thanks!!

KB said...

Missy - I worked with the public for so long it didn't get to me anymore. Some people are just not worth it.

Marja - Exactly. If you can't be civil to people, you shouldn't work with the public.

Nazish - I'm not usually hot tempered at all but it was a very stressful time for me.

Buff - That's a shame about your bank.

Swatantra - Thank you.

Melissa Russell said...

Hey you need to add the followers gadget to your blog. That way people can follow you and know exactly when you post. LOL not everyone stalks your blog Like I do woot!!!

KB said...

Dear Ms Stalker,

You can still follow even though I don't have the follower widget thingy on my blog. I was running out of space to put all my bits and pieces on the sidebar. I have a few followers even though I don't have the gadget installed :)

KB said...

What I mean is that I can see my followers but you guys can't. Just a lack of space thing.

Melissa Russell said...

LOL, but I like seeing your follower widget thingy hehehehehe.

Signed the stalker

KB said...

I only have three so you're not missing much. LOL.

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