Saturday, 29 August 2009


This week's prompt is - Poetry.

She builds me up
When I'm feeling low
No need to think
The words will flow

Sometimes I giggle
At the lines we share
Did I write that?
Blissfully unaware

When I'm stuck in a rut
She whispers and taunts
Words don't make sense
Her rhymes she flaunts

Silently mocking
When I'm feeling my best
Lurking beneath the surface
With my misery suppressed

She knows I'll be back
We are one and the same
Her words I must write
Or she'll drive me insane

She's gives herself freely
Time and again
I can't thank her enough
POETRY... my trusted friend


Melissa Russell said...

Karen my talented poem wielding friend. I loved your Sunday Scribbling. Miss ya kiddo and hope you're staying busy doing fun things.

Hugs to you

Rinkly Rimes said...

Yes, our gifts are real friends! I cherish mine, small as they are!

Americanising Desi said...

hugs for this masterpiece :)

My Sunday Poetry

NR said...

That was really nice...enjoyed reading every every part of it.

gautami tripathy said...

As I am poet..this speaks to me!

weeks trample on each other like magazines

Sherri B. said...

This spoke to me expressed it exactly right. Beautiful!

buffalodick said...

You just wouldn't be you without it!

linda may said...

I wish my poetry flowed as beautifully as yours.

Patois42 said...

Ah, with the muse sitting right next to you, of course your words flow beautifully.

Nicely done.

Unknown said...


KB said...

Thanks everyone :)

Toadee said...

Your muse should feel flattered and honoured to have a poem dedicated to her.
I have a friend like that too but she's not talking to me at the moment - women!

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