Friday, 16 April 2010


Two sides
to every story
One party
strives for glory

Emotional blackmail
confuses the heart
Constant control
keeps you apart

Deceit and lies
become the heroes
Empathy and love
totaling zero

The battle is short
one side victorious
But life is long
people are curious

Another scenario
begins to unfold
The true story
finally told

Flash Fiction - Each Friday, I compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less. If you would like to join in the fun and games... post your story and report to the boss G-MAN. If you're not interested in contributing a story, feel free to read the other entries. I'm sure any comments you have would be appreciated.

Happy reading and writing!



  1. OH Babe !!!!!!
    People may say I am bias when I comment because of the love I have for you but they know not who we really are nor what we really have been through and still have to go through.
    This is truly a beautiful summary of what we have been through. love you babe!

    NOW THAT! Is a 55 word comment!

  2. It's excellent. I can't help it right now to read into this....politics. It could be the two parties as they continue to battle what's right for our country. Even after the one side wins. Sorry, I know it's not meant to be that way, but with all this tea party stuff yesterday on the news and in the cities around me, I guess I'm still in the mode.

    Loved your 55.

    Sunrise in the City ---as always, scroll down below my Show n Tell. Hope you're having a terrific Friday!!!

  3. You grasped the conflict perfectly.

  4. you any truly engaging relationship there will be conflict...its when you make the two more important than the one that that becomes ok...b/c you know you will survive. nice 55.

    mine is up!

  5. @ Whitesnake WELL DONE!

    @ KB, i LOVE IT. Great journey of true love and you are such a loving couple!
    Mine is here
    Have you a great weekend!

  6. That was really good, one of the best 55s this week!

  7. If you ain't arguing, you ain't making up! Late for me, this week, what with work demanding I do what I'm paid to do. I mean, what a cheek. My 55 story here

  8. Karen....
    You are such a great writer.
    Very insightful 55.
    Thanks for clearing up a few things.
    You Rock Kiwi-Land...
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  9. this 55 is really thought provoking...going to have to look at myself a little closer after reading this!

  10. Good Luck!
    beautiful 55.

  11. Not every situation is the best - is it? But there are people who survive!
    Way to go woman

    I'm at

  12. Great job KB You are able to capture life in words very well.
    Thanks for sharing ka kite ano

  13. WS - I knew you would understand.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I love it when I write something very personal to me which others read and relate to in a different way. Way cool :)

  14. What a perfect description of a quarrel between two people. It is hard to see the other side. I often remind myself that we are all the center of our own universe.

    My 55 is up here.

  15. Patti - You are quite right.

  16. Karen how young are you going to be??? Hope you are well. Must be cooler there now, here we are in our stormy weather..........I love it.