Saturday, 24 April 2010


It's almost my birthday. Went out with Steve and my parents last night to celebrate.

Steve bought me this beautiful makeup kit and a manicure set. I feel so spoilt.

The birthday girl.

Mum and Dad.

Yummy Chinese dinner.

Dad pretending to smoke his napkin.

Coco had a treat too.



Whitesnake said...

it was a great night aye babe and you looked stunning xxxx

Marja said...

Oh you are going to be even more pretty That is a big face painting kit. Now we know were we can find you. great pressie

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. Happy birthday Karen x

Missy said...

Those are some fantastic pics!! Coco looks content and happy. I must say Karen you look fetching in blue or is that a bluish/greenish color?

22 looks good on you kiddo.


Nazish Rahman said...

lolz....u uploaded so fast great!!!
Nice pics Karen...looking nice!!!
HAppy Birthday Karen!!

KB said...

Steve - We had lots of always xxxx

Marja - you are too kind.

Keith - We did. Thanks x

Missy - is bluish/green. Thanks, love ya xx

Naz - thanks so much.


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