Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dating Whitesnake

30 days to a happier, healthier me  day 15

I'm chuckling to myself as I write this because it's taken me two and a half months to get to day 15. Told you it would take me a while to finish. The important thing to me is that I make these goals of mine a regular part of my life and I think I'm doing that ever so slowly. Didn't do so well this past holiday weekend but I'm back on track today.

My goal for day 15 is to have a date night/day with Whitesnake at least once a week. We do this already but I want to keep doing it and not let it go by the wayside. This past weekend we visited a new bar for lunch. Well it's actually a bar we've been to before but it's changed it's name for the umpteenth time. It's the first time we've been there together and it was very pleasant. We had a lovely chat, Whitesnake had a couple of beers, I had a lemonade (being the responsible driver) and we had a yummy toasted sandwich each. We were the only customers in there so it was very relaxing. Followed by a walk around the block.  Lovely!

Do you have date nights with your other half? What kind of dates do you go on together?

Hope you are all well and happy.
See you tomorrow
Love KB

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  1. Ok my wonderful princess how about we go to the place where we first had a meal and a singalong. Remember??????
    Smoke on the in your eyes..........

    You are doing really well babe and keeping everythng up!

    You are Brilliant!

  2. Woohoo! Sounds like fun xxxx

  3. Great idea and way to keep the romance fresh! :)

  4. these are huge...important ina healthy excuse...i knew this but learned the hard way on it too...

  5. Good on ya for sticking to the goals!

    We don't have 'date night' per se. Hubby works 2 day shifts (6am-6pm), 2 night shifts (6pm to 6am)and 4 days off. He usually takes me somewhere between shifts and on the days off, even if it's just to the beach for coffee.

  6. We like to go to the beach too.

  7. I love it that Brian thinks we're married.

  8. We have pathetically not been keeping up with our date nights as we should. Only once a month. Want to get back to once weekly.

    Let me see, last date night.... couldn't agree on a good movie. So went for a nice bite and they browsing at the DYI. We had some good laughs,as I recall, so that was a success.

    2 beers and a toasted sandwich sounds GOOD to me right now!!


  9. Beer and toasties....YUM!