Saturday, 2 February 2008


I've been keeping a journal since I was a teenager. Some days I write page after page, others a few lines will suffice. At times, I think writing about my feelings is the only thing that keeps me sane. That's if I am sane of course. *giggles*

Photo: Pixabay

I'm reading an insightful book at the moment by Stephanie Dowrick called - Creative Journal Writing. I recommend a look to anyone who keeps a journal. Here are some of my favourite excerpts to date:

Journal writing is all about process - not goals of outcome.

It is freeing - not constraining.

Journal writing is also where you can retire the inner critic or judge.

How you write, what you write, matters only to you.

You are writing to please no one but yourself.

Creativity - better than fame and fortune

Many things are far better than fame or fortune.
Love is one of them. Living creatively is another.
Living creatively means tuning in to all your senses and really knowing what’s going on.
It means making quirky connections, and seeking out inspiration, beauty, humour, tenderness and absurdity.
It means liking the subtle as well as the magnificent.
It means valuing your experiences - and making something of them.
Creativity may be expressed through great works of art. But it can also be a way of living that is open, spirited, engaged, eager, curious and uplifting.

Curiosity - the drive to know more than you do now

One of the ultimate gifts of human intelligence (along with a willingness to have your mind or perspective changed). It makes inner growth possible. It rescues you from boredom. It expands you beyond yourself. It demonstrates to you what an awesome and infinitely fascinating universe you inhabit. It also makes you a more interesting and perhaps even a more knowledgeable person.

Stephanie Dowrick

I'm off to write in my journal now.




  1. kb YOU are my quirky connection. :)
    I thrive on inspiration, beauty, humour, tenderness and absurdity.
    You are all of these things to me!!!!

  2. *wipes away tear*

    I'm speecless, little blonde soul sister

  3. Listen to you two! Well you are a BIGGER inspiration to me! Nah nah!

  4. I guess blogging is my journaling. The only time I write on paper is when I'm on the road.

  5. omg you are all so touching (or do I mean touched)

    KB I think you do very well at the quirkiness and who, in an attempt to out vote other contributors I will say that I was incapable of creative thought until I encountered you and now my cup of creativity runneth over so ya boo to everyone else hehe

    I agrre completely with Stephanie, enjoy your journal and long may it sustain you

  6. I just come here to perve at your picture and think naughty thoughts....

  7. Hey there KB. Keeping journals are a wonderful thing. I just wanted to let you know you need to go to my blog check out the reflections entry and you have been tagged.

  8. Oh Puleeeze, Keith and Toadee!
    Blah blah blah!
    KB and I are connected THRU our quirkiness!
    Whitesnake, you perv, lol.

  9. LW - I'm thinking I should let you respond to all my blog comments. Couldn't have put it better myself, hehe!

    MI - I used to write in a paper journal but now I use the computer.

    Jadey - Will pay you a visit soon

  10. What a wise words KB.
    I kept a journal when I was young. I found it back years later and wondered who had written it.

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