Wednesday, 27 February 2008



I recently watched the movie, “Wolf Creek”. It’s based on events which took place in Australia a few years ago.

Basically, a man drugged, abducted, raped and tortured three young adults. One of the victims escaped but the two girls were never found. According to the young man who escaped, there was evidence that this monster had been abducting people for some time.

I have quite a strong stomach for horror stories but I had to turn this one off half way through and forward to the end. The images were sickening and I find real life stories much scarier than fiction. It’s been ten days since I watched it but I still see the images when I close my eyes at night. I can’t imagine how experiencing such an ordeal would affect a person.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how someone could torture another human being for pleasure. Apparently, a person who tortures another for sexual gratification, can’t be aroused any other way. I wonder if someone who if purely evil is born that way. Do they posses a certain gene others don’t? Are they evil because of life trauma or is it a combination of both? Could someone who is born this way be rehabilitated?

So many unanswered questions. I guess only time will tell.

The final scene of the film still gives me chills. A lone hunter, walking off into the sunset, in search of his next victim…he’s still out there.


  1. Actually sounds way too much like the news we get on the t.v. every day.
    People are getting sicker and sicker by the day.
    I can not watch this type of movie, just watching the news is frightening enough!!!!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Don't watch such movies; these will give you a terrible feeling.
    Choose a romantic movie, there are so many of these.
    You looks romantic; so I think a romantic movie will be something for you. If you don't know which I will search one for you

  3. Can't say that I watch these things. I'm all for 'Pride & Prejudice' and other nice-ending thingamejigs.

  4. LW -I feel lucky to live in NZ as crime hasn't reached the same levels as some other places in the world. When there is a murder here, it is big news because it doesn't happen every day.

    I know what you mean about the news though. I stayed in UK a few years back for six weeks and was shocked by the level of violence on the news. Very scary!

  5. Hi Erik,

    I had no idea of the content of the movie before I started watching it. I love horror stories and being scared but not ones such as this. Love romantic movies too, am thinking of watching the one we discussed later on. Thanks my friend.

  6. WS - YES, YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mr Bo - I'm sure you've seen enough violence in your line of work, to last you a lifetime.

  8. ` I often wonder what it's like not to have been drugged and tortured and then almost die because I was shoved in a mental hospital because everyone thought I must be schizophrenic and I had no medical treatment or food besides sedatives which were given to me so I would stop screaming, not because I was insane but because I was in terrible pain and bleeding all over the place.
    ` Yeah, how DOES this crap happen in real life?

  9. ` Yeah, no wonder I'm so weird. (That, and all the dehumanizing abuse I endured as a child.) Doesn't help.

  10. oh i hate horror movies and than imagen that there are psychos like that running around. Gives me the creeps.